It's America's fastest growing sport pickleball the Sports and Fitness industry Association estimates nearly 40 percent more players this year than last year for the first time the sports main professional league is hosting a tournament in the DMV we send David Kaplan to the end to Great open in College Park.

Beautiful day outside but an especially beautiful day to watch some professional pickleball for the first time the DMV has the professional pickleballs association's tournament here organizers were expecting about a thousand people between now and Sunday to show up per day to watch this tournament people traveled from near and far all to watch.

And celebrate a game they love oh I just started playing pickleball my brother's name got me into it and I love them trying to get to their level I think we saw six or eight weeks ago and then we decided we wanted to come and got hotel reservations and bought tickets and here we are again this is the main national tour they are here now tournaments in.

Texas California and Florida to close out the Year this tournament particularly special for Ben Johns he's a Montgomery County native he's the number one player in the world a University of Maryland graduate and he lives in Texas now but says it's a full circle moment to be able to play this tournament close to where he grew up.

It's as close as home as we're going to get and I went to school right up the road it's about four minutes from here and I was there for four and a half years so it's uh it's home in a sense and I love it yeah it's great now we're here the tournament is at the junior tennis champion Center in College Park there are 800 players expected to take.

The paddle here in the next couple of days ranging from Top professionals to amateurs and again it lasts through Sunday back to you
Ben Johns, Montgomery native and the top pickleball player in the world, is back in the DMV for the “N2grate DC Open” tournament. MORE:


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