Do you get unsolicited advice on the pickleball courts what's true what's false pickleball miss pickleball lovers please leave your comments please subscribe and don't forget to have a good day pickleball myth number one if you miss a serving of tournament you're a low level take a look at these pros.

Dylan fraser is a college student he's servant and he's a pickleball he's a 3-0 i mean if you miss a serve in a tournament you're 3-0 he's not a pro player that wins pro tournaments sometimes i just have to be a hater i don't want to be but look you missed a surf pickleball myth poaching is bad maybe.

The answer is sometimes jack foster is a certified five-o plays pro tournaments he's in the near side white shirt and he makes a horrible poach he's selfish he looks immature you know what sometimes you make a bad play it doesn't mean you're not your rating if you're doing well in tournaments but sometimes you just have to be a hater.

And if you're making selfish poaches like that you're not a foil pickle myth do not use too much sidespin when drinking dinkin is tough enough don't try to manipulate your spin with dinks oh my god i stand corrected try to spin your dinks with as much spin as possible if you can do this i highly recommend it.

And if not i would say you're just being a hater sometimes you just have to be a hater pickleball myth no dinks mean low level not true when i'm watching a match i rate it on how many dinks per point if that five vote they have more than 15 dinks and then i saw this and i said i am.

Wrong sometimes if the opportunity presents itself in pickleball to be aggressive you should take it you should take it and sometimes you have to be a hater you're just 3-0 and you ain't no greater lobs mean low level definitely not true not sure at all take a look at these pros.

If you love in pickleball it means you can't drop that's actually a good love it actually gave them good position maybe i'm wrong maybe a number of other pros are wrong as well and maybe amateurs shouldn't be hitting that shot even if it helps them win tournaments the golden rule that i created is if you keep your opponents.

Off balance in pickleball you'll probably do pretty well and you can avoid those haters you're just three five your ain't no grade if your partner pops up the third shot you're in a lot of trouble not true not sure really never ever pop your dinks up if you do that gonna smash it i wha wait.

He actually popped it up that plane actually really good defense they don't look off balance making their way to the kitchen yet another myth people myth if you miss the fourth shot in pickleball you're probably a 4-0 or less you never see a pro miss that fourth shot they really he just missed i swear this never.

Happens before and when you miss a four shot you should feel really bad because this is yet another myth you should really just forget about it and go to the next ball and let's go to the next ball because pros don't miss third shot drives this this must be an exhibition but pros definitely don't miss returns.

But maybe they do and maybe we shouldn't feel so bad as amateurs missing that in tournaments so don't be so hard on yourself and don't listen to all those third shot lap isn't good i totally disagree especially with the new spinning paddles third shot lobs work all the time take a look at this point.

Wait it was out so they work sometimes i think like any shot in pickleball it works sometimes and if you do it once a game to keep your opponents off balance it's a really good idea so don't listen to all those haters you're just three five you ain't no greater people man you can't step into the kitchen take a look.

Take a look at this point but wait he missed a return i'm sorry take a look at this point now right here beautiful wait he missed a drop but this is a point i'm so positive of this all lies should be on the returner he runs to the kitchen he may have stepped on that line right he may have.

Not re-established it does not matter if you don't hit the ball out of the air you could stay in the kitchen all day let the ball bounce and not re-establish seriously pickleball lovers what are some other pickleball myths please leave your comments please subscribe and don't forget here are the pickleball pirates we may love pickleball just as much as.

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Are you missing serve return, or doing 3rd shot lob? You are 3.0 at best!! Or not? These and other myths busted with coach Joe Gmuer. Watch today pickleball TIP in our Instructional series. Stay tuned for more pickleball lessons!

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