Foreign pickleball and in this video we are going to go over the seven most common mistakes that we see at that floral level you're not going to want to miss this so now let's Jump Right In all right so let's get into those common.

Mistakes that we see and number one on my list is footwork when you guys are here at the kitchen line it's really important to make sure you guys are shuffling your feet not only properly but also efficiently all right so when you guys are here at the kitchen line you're shuffling your feet left and right which means if you guys need to.

Move one way your opposite foot is going to start your Shuffle so if I need to move to the right I start with my left foot right and if I shuffle left I will Shuffle with my right foot first right so going left I start with my right going right I start with my left Jordan's gonna hit me a few balls I'll show you guys how I shuffle my feet to.

Get myself in position to hit this ball oh moving your feet efficiently allows you to get yourself in a good spot to make these strokes and swings a little bit more consistent as well if you guys get stuck in mud or find yourself off balance your swing now is doing different things which makes you guys.

More inconsistent all right so now let's jump into common mistake number two and that is attacking at the body or at the Torso here now at lower levels I know that players can get away with a lot of things speeding up the ball just hitting it really really hard at the opponent but at a higher levels once you get closer to that floral range and.

Especially beyond that 4-0 we don't want to always attack right at the body why is that because the players that you're going to be playing with at those higher levels are going to be ready right here so we're gonna have to be more strategic on where we speed up the ball but again this is what I see at the lower levels.

That's right baby all right so you don't know how many times I see that again players are attacking and I like the aggressiveness but they're attacking and they're wondering why they're losing points or they just can't convert on those attacks and they end up losing the point or popping the next ball up the main thing is that we're picking spots.

Wisely at higher levels remember it's location over power yes we do want to hit with good Top Spin and good power when we can but the more important thing is that we can get the ball away from them so I like to call it going for the wings again if I had my hand out here and my paddle out here I want to do my best actually to kind of get it away.

From this high chest area even this lower waist area because good players ready position are going to be covering those spots so I kind of want to bring it to the backhand side over here so I have them stretching or even to the forehand side here this is a good spot because a lot of players may come over here with their back end so we're just.

Going to show you a couple of those foreign so like you saw in those trying to get it away from that torso away from that waist if we can get it at least a foot or two away from that Center Mass you're going to have a lot better result most of the time common mistake number three things that I see way too often is.

People either trying to transition and attack from down low or trying to attack when their weight is backwards if you guys are going to attack wait till you guys either have a high ball with your weight going forward or something that is at least at waist level for you to hit through because if this ball is too low your guys are either setting.

Yourselves up to hit this ball into the net or pop it up high and as you guys know that usually doesn't go too well so that's a few things I see way too often either trying to attack off that back foot or maybe trying to attack something that's a little bit too low right keep in mind you need something a little bit higher to attack yes it's not.

Impossible to do this but it is very low percentage so let me show you guys how to do it correctly foreign as you guys can see in those examples the balls that were below my knees I decided to reset and try and drop them at my opponent's feet the ones that were a little bit higher.

Those were the ones that I tried to attack so you guys have to pick and choose which ones you guys think you should reset and which ones you guys are going to hit with Pace hi if you're enjoying this content go ahead and give this video a like and don't forget to subscribe also if you're interested in exclusive Encore training with me go.

Ahead and go to brionist now let's get right back to the video alright so now let's hop right into common mistake number four and that is constantly allowing balls to bounce and stepping back off the line now there are definitely times we want to maybe give ourselves some space and step back off the line but one of the things that I.

See lots of players doing is that they're doing that on almost every ball so number one their weights falling back okay and that's not a total issue but it is an issue if we are falling back and hitting so if you're going to step off the line make sure you step back in your balance but the other thing is I see players do.

Is they step back and they continue to be pushed back more and more so now that they're in a more tough position that they were in previously and again that puts your opponent in a much better attacking position so this is what you don't want to do all right so that's what I see a lot of again at times it's okay to step back.

Off the line but if you're going to do that do it early and when you hit the ball make sure you close back into that non-voice zone so now I'm going to show you what it looks like to actually be in a lower position well balanced maybe take some of those shots out of the air and if I do have to take a step back you're going to see me recover back to.

The non-volleys online okay all right so that was just a much better example and a better job of me staying balanced engaged I'm on the balls of my feet and again if there's balls that are headed towards my feet those are opportunities I can take that ball out of the air in a strong position and if I have to move off the line.

Nothing wrong with that I want to make sure I do it quickly and early hit my shot then come back in one thing to also keep in mind is when Jordan is up here at the kitchen line I can't see his feet over the net but as Jordan takes one or two steps back I can see his feet which means he is now susceptible to me attacking him so if you guys find that.

You guys are getting pushed off the line and people are now adding pressure to you you guys won't feel that pressure if you guys stay up at that kitchen line common mistake number five that I see is people working on their strengths not their weaknesses if you have a great forehand make sure to work on your back can Don't just run around and keep.

Hitting the forehand if you guys like to bang the ball hard work on your slow game if you like to play the slow game work on that fast-paced game anytime you guys are at the pickleball court continue to work on the things that maybe you struggle with or have a hard time finding consistency with yeah really good tip Kaden again I see a.

Lot of one dimensional players out there what I mean by that is kind of just what Kaden just said let's say you're really good at hitting hard shots you're kind of a banger and you like to hit hard balls and hit it hard all the time and you have some success there that's really great on the flip side of the coin I do coach a lot of players that.

Really really has studied the soft game and have worked on their soft game but it really lacks when players are speeding up the ball at them so they're really good at placing shots hitting dinks but now when the ball is getting attacked at them they really struggle so whatever side of the spectrum you are as a good complete pickleball player we.

Want to make sure that we have a complete package the complete game so just like Kaden said if you have a weakness work on it it's really important you're gonna have to put in the time and the work but you're going to see the results in the long run alright so now let's hop into common mistake number six and that would be not.

Getting comfortable in the transition zone all right when you're at lower levels 3035 you're probably not going to play much in here there's a lot of action from the Baseline and maybe at the kitchen line here and the players you're playing against may not put a lot of pressure on you on your way up to the non-volley Zone but once you get into.

Higher levels you need to start training and getting very very comfortable hitting resets and learning to control the ball from the transition zone okay so resets are big obviously I'm going to be coming in after my third shot drop from my partner or from myself whether you're hitting a driver drop you're going to be working your way through.

Here now if your opponent is doing their job they're going to be hitting at your feet and this is why it's very very crucial to work on these shots controlling Them Softly making them land in front of your opponent so that you stay out of trouble okay so a really simple drill that you can do with a partner is be somewhere in this.

Transition zone I'll start by feeding a ball into the non-volley zone and he's just putting pressure on my feet and the key Focus for me is I want to be in an open stance wide and balanced okay if you haven't practiced your resets before get out there and start practicing foreign so those were a couple good resets there.

Remember balance is key staying low and all I'm trying to do is stay out of trouble because if I'm in this position I'm trying to force a low contact so that it gives me time to come in and also makes it harder for them to press it more and more at my feet so again start practicing your resets in here.

It's super crucial especially at higher levels common mistake number seven that I see way too often is players not practicing or drilling when you guys get to a specific level the only way you can improve is repetition and not only repetition but good repetition when we're here we like to practice our dinks we practice our volleys we practice our.

Overheads we then go back to the transition zone just like Jordan showed you we come back to the Baseline practice our drops and our drives maybe some serves and returns but we make sure that we practice every single aspect of the game so once we do go into a game it's everything that we just practice and to end it off we like to practice.

Some skinny singles skinny singles is a great way to practice your doubles game without actually having to need four players and of course being that it is skinny singles you do have to be a little bit more precise because you only have that half court to work oh come on all right so just like Hayden said you know that drilling is one of.

The most important ways to improve your game and this one we're just going to be playing skinny singles and all these skills that you should be practicing on an individual level when you're playing skinny singles you're putting it all together oh I might have tipped it really I don't know oh man.

All right there you go just a little skinny singles points there again that's a really good drill because it works on all the aspects of your game so remember if you're struggling at that floral level make sure you take all these seven things to encounter fix them practice them and we'll see you in the next video for exclusive pickleball content from me.

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These are the top 7 most common mistakes made by 4.0 recreational players. If you stop making these simple mistakes, it can make all the difference, and you’ll find yourself a little step closer to 4.5+ !

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