The third shot is essential and pickleball but what if you can't get the hang of the shot or what if your thirds are inconsistent today we're going to cover the common reasons why people struggle with the third shot drop and some easy fixes for them with this video not only will you improve your third shot drops but you'll.

Get to the net and win more points let's get into it welcome to high five pickleball where we help you play better win more and make the most of your time on the court my name is Adam Richards and today we're covering common mistakes players make with the third shot drop this shot is important because if hit.

Correctly it will neutralize your opponent meaning they won't be able to attack your shot and it will give you time to move from the Baseline to the non-volley Zone if you're struggling with this shot don't worry the third shot drop is essentially a long dink so if you can dink you can drop if you'd like a step-by-step tutorial on the.

Third shot drop check out the link in the description for tips on how to improve that's coming right up but before we do that I want to give you a free gift it's called the path to better pickleball this is a 30-day challenge focused on the 10 important skills every player needs to know after signing up.

You get a free downloadable skills guide and 10 step-by-step videos sent straight to your inbox every few days over a thousand pickleballers have joined and I've gotten some great feedback if you'd like to improve your game sign up by clicking the link in the description all right let's get into it one common cause for inconsistent third.

Shot drops is what I like to call the serve creep this happens when a player serves the ball and takes a few extra steps beyond the Baseline the problem comes when your opponent hits a server turn that is deep all of a sudden you're out of position and back pedaling not only is this bad for your position but it could result in.

Falls or injuries instead serve the ball and stay back this can set you up for better positioning on your thirds and better habits down the road another common cause of inconsistent thirds is when a player hits the ball while leaning back this can be directly related to serve creep but it can also happen due to delayed footwork or a lack.

Of anticipation of your opponent's return instead you want your weight to be slightly forward you're not flat-footed or leaning back but you're on the balls of your feet and anticipating the return another common cause for errors during third shot drops is when players use too much wrist or arm with their shots.

Instead you want to use your shoulder as the common driver and controller of motion there may be some slight movement but your arm and wrist are stable and your movement is smooth and compact if you engage your wrist you break the connection to your shoulder and you open the door to more inconsistency it only takes a small movement to pop up the.

Ball with your wrist versus your shoulder during games you may feel an urgency to get to the net after your third shot drop but this only leads to rushing your shot and running through the ball while you're swinging there is no need to rush instead you want to slow down keep the ball out.

Front and stay controlled if you hear your footsteps while you're hitting the ball that's a sign you're running through the ball and likely off balance while you're swinging another common cause for inconsistent thirds is when players either hit the ball too close to their body or too far away.

If you want Optimum control on your third shot drops you must hit the ball in your optimal contact Zone similar to a strike zone in baseball everyone has a contact Zone that is unique but an easy way to identify it is if it's out front at a 45 degree angle and it feels comfortable.

In pickleball almost every single third shot drop will be different because of different variables like Pace placement distance angle Spin and more and consistency comes when players want to treat every shot the same with the exact same mechanics but in reality you must make small adjustments based on variables for example if you're at the.

Baseline hitting a third shot drop you may need to bend your knees more apply more lift with your swing and apply a tighter grip pressure than you would at the net which tip was most helpful for you let me know in the comments your feedback will help shape content for the future.

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The third shot drop is essential in pickleball.

But what if your third shots are inconsistent?

Today we’re going to cover some of the things that could be killing your third shots and what you can do to fix it. With this video, not only will you hit thirds more consistently, but get to the net and win more points.

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