One of the most fun aspects of pickleball is the strategy whether you've just started out or you're an advanced player anyone can use strategy because it all comes down to the decisions you make on the court in other words what you choose to do or not to do becomes your strategy in each new rally today we're going to cover some very.

Practical ways to use Smart strategy to improve your game with these tips not only will you play better but by using smart strategy You'll Play Better consistently let's get into it foreign pickleball where we help you play better win more and make the most of your time on the court my name is Adam Richards.

And today we're covering practical strategies that can take your game to the next level when you're playing pickleball it's smart to have a plan of action before stepping on the court a simple strategy of what to do and what not to do can make you stand out on the court because it will help you stay focused and make smart decisions In the.

Heat of the rally your strategy will likely change based on your opponent but there are a few things to always keep in mind from point to point and those Evergreen strategies are the things we're covering in this video but before we get into those I want to give you a free gift it's called the path to.

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Positive feedback on their experience if you'd like to join this experience and to improve your game sign up by clicking the link in the description all right let's get into it if you want to have Smart strategy and pickleball it's good to understand the third shot drop and to know how to maximize it when you're hitting your.

Third shot whether it's a drive or a drop you are at a slight disadvantage because you are further away from the net than your opponents this means your opponents have better opportunities to hit down on the ball and more choices of where to place the ball if you're hitting a third shot drop you should be looking to do three things first you.

Want to hit an unattackable shot this is a shot that bounces that your opponents can't hit out of the air or they can't hit down on it with pace second you want to neutralize your opponents this means your shot is unattackable and they have to return a neutral shot to you or even better they hit a pop-up that.

You can poach or attack third you want to get to the non-volley Zone by getting to the non-volley zone you can improve your chances of taking control of the net and winning the rally remember it may take your fifth seventh or your ninth shot to get to the net but the important Point here is to neutralize your opponent and get to the.

Non-volley zone a smart strategy in pickleball that is often overlooked is to know when to attack the ball and when to reset the ball one common mistake for players of all skill levels happens in the transition zone let's say you hit a third shot drop that doesn't neutralize your opponent and they return the ball.

Back at your feet or your knees the mistake happens when players attack this 5th 7th or ninth shot this is a mistake because you're oftentimes in motion or off balance the ball is at your feet which you rarely want to attack and you're hitting up on the ball to an opponent who is at the net with good position to counter attack.

Instead it's better to reset this ball neutralize your opponent and get to the net one Timeless strategy for pickleball is to leave margin for error and to always keep the rally alive if you find yourself in a defensive situation earlier this year I got a chance to talk with Jim Ramsey a broadcast statistician.

For the PPA tour he also created a Facebook group called Pro pickleball stats if you haven't joined that yet you can check it out with the link in the description he recently analyzed nine Pro matches and counted 563 total third shot drops from that count 54 were returned with a volley these third shot drops were.

Slightly over hit 41 bounced which means they were successful and four percent went into the net which means they were failures out of 563 third shot drops 541 were kept in play this means that the majority of third shots hit by professionals were over hit but they were kept in play.

The strategy takeaway here is when you're hitting your third shots whether it's a drive or a drop you may try and hit the perfect shot but it's better to keep the rally going and to leave margin for error if you're under pressure and you know you're going to miss miss high keep the rally alive and get ready for your fifth your seventh or your ninth.

Shot one great pickleball strategy is to look for ways to apply physical and mental pressure on your opponents one great way to always apply pressure is to hit the ball at your opponent's feet this forces mental pressure on your opponents to decide to volley the ball or to let it bounce.

Another way to apply pressure is on your return of serve you can apply pressure by hitting the ball deep at their feet keeping your opponents back on the Baseline you can also apply pressure at the net by taking away reaction time from your opponents you can do this by volleying dinks or hitting dinks out of the air.

You can apply mental pressure on your opponents and hit the ball to the middle or between your opponents this forces your opponents to communicate and force a decision and lastly you can also apply physical pressure on your opponents by making them move to do this never dink the ball in the same spot twice always keep your.

Opponents moving patience is a smart strategy because if you're patient you won't Force unnecessary shots oftentimes Force shots end up in the net or they go out and secondly patients will help you Outlast your opponent patients may sound like a subjective strategy but there are a few ways you.

Can practice it for example don't hit the ball on the run or run through the ball when you're swinging another way to practice patience is to wait on the ball to bounce at its apex before swinging and lastly a great way to practice patients is to only attack shots that.

Are in the green zone or if you're going to attack a ball in the yellow zone you know you can get it over the net 80 percent of the time which strategy was most helpful for you let me know in the comments and as always if you enjoyed this content or if you learned something new please remember to like subscribe and hit that.

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One of the really fun aspects of pickleball is the strategy. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re advanced, anyone can craft a strategy because it comes down to the choices you make on the court — what you choose to do or not do with each new rally.

Today we’re going to look at a few practical ways you can improve using smart strategy. By using these tips, not only will you make better decisions on the court but by doing so, you’ll take your game to the next level.

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