hi my name is Tim Buick PPR certified pickleball professional for total pickleball I have people that ask me all the time how do I get to the next level I'm a three five I'm a 3.75 I want to get to 4.0 and above what do I need to do in this video we're going to cover five shots that you need to rise to 4.0.

And above shot number one you absolutely have to have to rise to 4.0 and above is what's happening right here we have to master the dink we have to dink with purpose why do we dink we dink to set up the attackable shots the winning shots and we have to dink with purpose so how do we do it how do we hit the proper dig.

What we want to do is we want to get right up to the line and we want to make contact out in front contact out in front of the ball that's good right there that's it we want to be right up to the line no back swing and our contact is here we need to drop the paddlehead and lift our rotation is from the shoulder okay no wrist no elbow our.

Rotation is from the shoulder a fairly firm wrist fairly firm elbow okay our movement and dinking I saw you cross over there as soon as we cross over it pulls our paddle back so whenever possible sometimes we can't avoid it but when possible our movement is this direction our contact points here why because on the forehand I can.

Go there there there but then backhand I show my Knuckles here here here if I cross over this way there's no way I can do it okay let's give it a shot less is more okay less is more and rotate from the shoulder better you want to get that ball by the non-volley zone line.

That's it you actually on your dink you want the dink the apex of the ball to be about a foot on your side okay better don't back up catch it early because what do we want to do that ball that rises up that's the one we want to attack this is a shot that can often Drive tennis players crazy because it's the.

One shot that's not found in tennis we don't have a dink in tennis okay so we drop and it's a lift not a hit just drop and lift there we go that's better nice get right up to the line okay now I want you to look for the attackable ball get the arc on it there that's one you could have drilled okay that's your dick right there keep.

It low see that ball rose up my goal with the dink is I want to stress you guys out you're my opponent I want to move you around so that you hit that shot so I can attack it that's shot number one master the deck shot number two that you need to have to rise to 4.0 and above is exceptional volley skills talk about it all the time.

You got to be at the line to play winning pickleball when you get here you have to be able to perform so how do we do that how do we improve our Valley skills first of all ready position I talk about this all the time we need to have the paddle in the ready position I call it 10 37 a.m ready position for the righty 1 37 p.m for the Lefty we need to.

Have paddle up elbow in it's critical because we get into hand fights here we need to win these hand fights to rise to 4.0 and above so how do we do it first of all our stance is balanced we have our feet part about hip high okay I am ready here in pickleball we stand up straighter than we do in tennis a lot of times tennis players are here we're.

Gonna stand up straight how many times have you been able to steal points just since your paddle was here there was times I hit a shot it went here there for a winter just because my paddle was up so that's critical point number two one of my favorite drills in helping us to master violin skills which are so critical is.

The quick hands drill and I'm going to work with Spencer here and what we're going to do is we're going to start Spencer you're going to go forehand to backhand okay my technique is with the Continental or what we call the v-grip okay I'm going to have my paddle up and what I want to do I am a big believer in using the non-dominant hand you don't.

Have to use two hands I don't have a problem if you do but make sure that you're non-dominant your non-playing hand is up so you get the proper shoulder turn now the only way that we can do this fast hands drill is by using proper technique so here we go Spencer good good see how I'm chicken winging it whoa.

Really chicken winging it there okay right here in front see how little motion I have with the paddle This is called the punch volley I'm just punching the other thing that's critical about this is I want to have the Apex or the top of the paddle above my wrist at all times if possible now sometimes we have no choice but by here this gives me.

The proper angle to be able to hit it there see right there so I'm down low and I'm able to hit it now I'm coming over to your backhand side and you hit to my forehand okay here we go ready position see how little movement's going on here.

Contact in front paddle High elbow close there when possible we want to try to come from above the ball see how the paddle is high above my wrist try it one more time we'll do cross it up crossovers good nice see how little movement calm quick compact.

You want to get to 4.0 Master the volley third shot that you need to rise to 4.0 and above is the reset Valley from the transition zone the transition zone is from the non-volley zone line to the Baseline we call this the transition zone because we don't want to hang out here but so often we have to hit a lot of shots from here our goal we want to.

Transition from Back to Front to get here but how do we do it sometimes we get back here and we try to hit a third shot drop and it's not good enough and we only get halfway that's where we have to hit a reset volley in order to get it to drop into the kitchen into the non-volley zone so that we can get to the line and now we're on equal footing.

With our opponents so let's see how Andrew and Spencer do it the key thing in doing this soft hands on the grip tightness scale when I'm holding it like a death grip that's a 10. I want to be a three or a four and on this soft hands loose grip and I want to open up the paddle face to get a little bit of Arc to drop it into the non-volley zone.

that's it now you're there now you're on equal footing you can do the dinking and the volley in there put that baby away that's exactly how you do it with the net cord great okay let's try it one more time thank you yeah that's the shot that's the shot.

That's what we doing all right that's the way we do it you want to get to 4.0 and above that's the shot you've got to have soft hands transition volley okay from this area to get you to the line to play winning pickleball shot number four that you have to have to rise to 4.0 and above is that third shot drop you hear it all the time in.

Pickleball we talk about the third shot drop how do we hit it this is this is the shot that really can set you apart from one level to the next if you can Master this one we do it of course on the third shot you serve the return comes in our job phase number three in pickleball is the serving Team Works their way to the line the receiving.

Team's already there so on the third shot your only purpose on the third shot is to get you and your partner to the line so the way that we hit this is we want a ball that's in front we're gonna again use the pedal and grip it lightly about a three or four on the tightness index okay a 10 is a death grip here we want about a three or a four what we do.

Is we're going to go low to high open up the paddle face and what I want is your entire body moving in conjunction with one another and you're moving to the line so the key thing with this ball and hitting the third shot drop is everything is moving toward your target you're moving forward so often I'll see people try to hit a third shot drop and.

They'll try to hit a slice like this and backwards no our goal the reason why we hit this shot is to get to the line one thing you don't want to do that you see often is this go ahead and feed it they want to hit a third shot drop and they do this and run right through it that ball went way too deep.

So what I need to do is on the third shot drop go ahead and hit it to me is I want to come in drop it and there now I'm at the line I'm ready to dink I'm looking for the attackable ball again this has to be in your toolbox if you want to get to 4.0 and above Master the.

Third shot drop the fifth shot you absolutely have to have if you want to rise to 4.0 and above is the forehand roll this is a shot a must-have and what we do is we're in the dinking game this is an attack shot that often is a surprise against your opponent and here's how we hit it we're busy hitting Dinks.

Okay and I'm looking for a shot that's a little bit higher and then I'm going to come across and hit the roll now the way I do it is I'm going to adjust my grip to a semi forehand grip I'm going to get low Drop the paddlehead and I'm going to come up and over the key here is to make contact well out in front what you want to do is get a.

Top Spin to get it over the net and through your opponent so here we go Andrew okay so here I come I'm looking for it and then I come across okay I get low nice relaxed grip there okay let's do one more drop the head of the paddle there.

So critical you want to get to 4.0 and above Master the forehand roll I hope you enjoyed this video I hope it worked for you you're going to be at 4.0 in no time for more tips and tricks make sure you go to totalpickleball.com foreign
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