hi my name is Tim Buick PPR certified pickleballprofessional for total pickleball because you don't just want a pickleball you want a totalpickleball and today I'm stoked for what we're going to be covering in this video we're goingto talk about the top five mistakes that are sabotaging your game you need to fix things if youwant to get to the next level so let's get started mistake number one we're in the wrong placeon the court right here is winning pickleball right here at the non-volley zone lineis where we want to be what I do with my beginners is I have them all line up righton the line and I have them look above the net how much of the Court can you see abovethe net now take three steps back you see.

Much less of the Court above the net lessonnumber one and mistake number one is we're too far back here we want to be have the mostoptions by being at the non-volley zone line another common situation when you're on the wrongspot in the court is when we're serving and we go ahead and hit a serve and I call it drift eitherme as the server drifts in a little bit too far far or my partner does the same thing and driftsin a little bit too far again two bounce rule we have to let the ball bounce on the serve butyet our tendency is to drift in which puts us at a disadvantage we do not want to back pedaland hit off our back foot so we need to stay behind the Baseline when we're serving not onlyfor the server but also for my partner as well see that's the problem that's the problem everysingle time when I hit a return without exception.

I need to get all the way to the line but whatdid I do I hung back got in trouble and hit it right at my feet always get to the line returnand run to the non-volley zone line every time mistake number two we are in the right positionon the court but we're in the wrong position to hit the ball key thing is when we're here wherewe need to be which is the non-volley zone line we need to be in the proper ready position forthe right-hander there's essentially three ready positions that people use nine o'clock noonand I teach 10 37 a.m slightly biased on the backhand side for the Lefty 1 37 P.M the reason is80 percent of the balls are going to be right here biomechanically my arm works correctly I can dothe chicken wing to get the body shots I can't do that if my paddle's out here so the problem is aswe get to the line we dink we're in the right spot.

But we're not prepared to hit the ball we're goingto be involved in some quick hand fights we can't win a hand fight if our paddle's down at our legswe've got to keep the paddle up it's one of the reasons I got drilled so many times when I firststarted pickleball I was here and I wasn't ready to hit the shot get your paddle up to 10 37 a.mready position and be ready to win the hand fight mistake number three is too much movement sooften I see people get out on the pickleball court and they're all over the place their armsare flailing their legs are all over no we need to chill out calm quick and compact think of itthis way Happy Feet can make for a sad result one of my favorite sayings in pickleballis less is more efficiency of movement avoid mistake number threewhich is too much movement.

If mistake number three is too much movementmistake number four is not enough movement so often we have a tendency to be lazy on thecourt we don't move our feet and the problem is is a lot of times in pickleball we'll see aball here and we'll do a large lunge and we'll stretch for it especially when we're Outdoorsvery wind sensitive so we think that the ball might be here when it ends up over here if we doa lunge at it we're stuck and we can't move so our movements need to be smaller steps we actuallyhave to have more movement and it has to be the correct movement which are small steps to theball make a big difference the fifth mistake that is sabotaging your game and it's keeping you fromgetting to the next level is we try to do too much too soon we don't have patience one of my favoritesayings in pickleball is make me hit one more ball.

Just make me hit one more but oftentimes wejust tried too much too soon think about if the bottom third of me is red middle third isyellow top third is green those are attackable balls I teach this little lady she's about thisbig big hair big earrings bright red lipstick and I said Sarah this is a game of controlledaggression she says honey I got aggression but I have no control well we need control we can'ttry to do too much too soon be patient I hope you found today's video helpful for other tips and tricks make sure you goto totalpickleball.com
Are you wanting to improve in pickleball? In this video, Tim Buwick discusses the 5 common mistakes that are holding you back.
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