Starting out in pickleball can be a lot of fun because the learning curve is relatively easy but being a beginner also has its downsides it can feel uncomfortable to make mistakes and you can also get stuck in your progression today we're going to cover the top mistakes that beginners make in pickleball and how to avoid them now if.

You're a beginner don't worry you're not alone because we were all beginners at some point it's my hope that with this video you learn how to avoid mistakes that can hold you back and gain access to tips that can set you up for long-term success let's get into it foreign.

Welcome to high five pickleball where we help you play better win more and make the most of your time on the court my name is Adam Richards and today we're covering the top mistakes that beginners make in pickleball in this video we'll go over some very practical things you can do to develop your game in many ways these tips will still be helpful as an.

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The link in the description all right let's get into it mistake number one avoiding the soft game when you're starting out in pickleball you may want to hit the ball hard and drive every shot this is fun but this will only take you so far because when you're standing further away from the Net players can easily hit.

The ball at your feet if you want a fast track to progressing at pickleball you must get comfortable playing at The non-volley Zone and hitting softer shots like dinks and drops learning the soft game first will not only make you a more Dynamic player but it will be a fast track to getting to the non-volley zone and dominating the net faster.

Mistake number two avoiding your weaknesses every player at every skill level has strengths and weaknesses but when you're starting out you may be tempted to avoid your weaknesses for example you may want to run around your back end not only is this obvious but players can easily exploit this instead choose to work on your.

Weaknesses make a list of what they are or ask a friend then commit to working on them or drilling them you may even be surprised at how fast you can turn a weakness into a weapon mistake number three attacking the ball from below your knees a common mistake for players of all levels is to attack from below your knees at the net this is.

Also referred to as the red zone when you're at the net or transitioning to the net you may want to attack balls or hit them hard because it feels like the right thing to do but the better approach is to return an unattackable shot into your opponent's kitchen then set up a shot you can attack out of the air that's around chest high or.

Above also known as the green zone mistake number four not respecting the net when you're hitting shots you may want to be perfect and get the shot just over the net but no one is perfect and there are a ton of variables that affect every shot a better approach is to pay your respects to the net with every shot give.

Plenty of margin for error after all a high ball over the net is better than one in the net that ends the rally mistake number five not getting to the net many players starting out in doubles pickleball will hang out near the Baseline some people are afraid to get.

Hit with the ball and others would just rather hit the ball hard at the Baseline button doubles pickleball the most advantageous place you can be is at the non-volley Zone an inch or two behind the line because the team that controls the net can control the game foreign.

So that's it those are the top five common mistakes that beginners make in pickleball if you enjoyed this video or you learned something new please remember to like subscribe and hit that notification Bell so you never miss another update from high five pickleball thanks for watching foreign.

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Starting out in pickleball is fun because the learning curve is relatively easy. But being a beginner has its downsides: it can be uncomfortable to make mistakes and you can get stuck in your progression if you don’t avoid a few common mistakes.

Today, we’re going to cover the top mistakes pickleball beginners make when starting out and how to avoid them. If you’re starting out, don’t worry. Everyone was a beginner at some point and I’ve personally made every mistake possible.

It’s my hope that with this video you’ll learn how to avoid those mistakes that can hold you back, discover an easier learning curve, and get practical tips that can set you up for long term success.


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