Hey everyone Scott Moore here and along with my son Daniel we have put together some free training to share with you five common pickleball mistakes you can repair right away that may be stopping you from a 4-0 plus rating and definitely stopping you from having more fun when we started back in 2014 Daniel and.

I both won singles gold medals the first time we played Nationals but lost 11-8 in the third to a couple guys named West Enrique in doubles who truly understood the game of doubles while we were basically playing singles on a doubles Court so in 2015 we split up began to seriously study the game of doubles played numerous tournaments with various.

Partners and won almost every tournament we played ending up as the co-players of the year and developing a systematic approach to the game we've also turned these 10 principles into a paid online video course called the pickleball Master Class even if you can't join us for a live Clinic you can get a lifetime access to the same.

Principles from the comfort of your home on any device with an internet connection we'll tell you a little more about that at the end of this training now that you know a little more about us let's jump into the five most common mistakes that we see mistake number one is hitting the ball too hard this happens because a lot of pickleball.

Players come from other Rocket Sports where you're trying to hit more winners but in pickleball we have the non-volley zone so it's much more a game of finesse and strategy than other racket Sports so the problem with hitting too high is your margin of error becomes very low especially when the ball is low that means I got to hit it up above the net.

Which oftentimes won't happen and I also got to get it through his Strike Zone and keep it in play very difficult to handle all that at once so if we can avoid having to hit it so hard and hit it arcing down at his feet we're going to be much better off because if I get down here and I try to hit it hard often it'll go into the net or it'll go into.

His Strike Zone where he will blast it much better shot is when the ball comes low to me is to hit it back at his feet so the heat in has to hit up on it we always want to keep our opponents hitting up on the ball whenever possible so try to avoid that mistake of hitting it too hard especially when it is below your knees so mistake number two is.

Going to be backing up off the kitchen line now this is what we call a positional mistake and it often results in you losing the point or at least making it a lot more difficult for you to win the point so a lot of people they hit the third shot drop they come all the way up to the non-volley zone line and they're ready they play from here.

But then they start scooting back as the point goes on this could be out of habit or maybe you get push push back once or you don't like to volley and so slowly they start scooting back and scooting back and sometimes that's okay to take a step back but you always want to come back up to the non-volley zone line or the kitchen line and play from here.

Sometimes a ball that comes up to you the high here it would be attackable here but because you're all the way back here now it's coming down to your feet so a ball down here I might be able to slam it from up there now I have to lift it up if I'm all the way up here I'm ready for it and I can win the point from here it also makes it much harder.

For me to get the ball back to my opponent's feet I lift it up too high sometimes when I'm back here whereas if I'm up here I can hit a nice soft ink get it back into their non-volley zone line it also takes pressure away from them by extending their non-volley zone line I've I've effectively created a 10-foot kitchen here he doesn't have to.

Hit a perfect dink anymore to get it down to my feet so for all those reasons we want to stay up here and play from the kitchen line as much as possible and not automatically scoot back so mistake number three is just not getting into the right position a lot of times we hit a drop shot and we just stand and admire it and we don't get in leaving our feet.

Exposed whenever we hit a successful shot from the middle of the quarter back to the Baseline we want to move forward as quickly as we can until our opponent hits the ball ideally all the way to the kitchen line but we don't want to to just stand there and admire the shot giving him a chance to hit him our feet we always move.

Forward quickly and until the ball is hit and then we try to play as much as possible from the non-volley zone so getting in proper position is a big mistake that we see it also happens on dinks if I'm taking out wide on a dink for example I dig here and I stay out here it leaves the middle.

Open a lot of people will just admire their dink instead of getting out there and not cover the middle we always want to cover the middle so proper positioning getting in the right position after you hit the right shot getting in the right spot is what you want to do in pickleball don't stand admire it get to the right spot.

Okay so mistake number four is going to be going for the winter too early and not playing with enough margin for air so pickleball is a game of attrition and we we really want to keep the ball in play longer than our opponents that's how we win most pickleball rallies and that's the most consistent way to win so if we're taking too much risk by trying.

To hit winners from too low we're going for the sideline too close to the net those are all things that are that are putting the risk on us and taking it away from our opponents so we we don't want to do that if the ball is too low instead of trying to go for a winner from here put it back into play and and wait for your opponent to make them.

Mistake instead of you so it's going to look like this I just want to get it back if we try to hit a winner from this position that's very risky same thing on the sideline if I'm trying to hit right along the sideline a lot of those I'm going to miss out a better shot is.

To hit it down the middle wait for a better ball and then you hit hard on the better shot so with everything pickleball is a game of attrition you don't want to be the first one to make the mistake so make sure you're not hitting a risky shot by trying to win the point too early wait for a better shot from up here then you're a much.

More consistent high percentage pickleball player mistake number five is going to be taking the paddle too far back and therefore hitting the ball behind your body so most of us know ready position for your paddle needs to be somewhere in front of your body this is for dinking for volleys really for any shot in.

Pickleball we want to play out in front of us and when the ball's going slow in a dank or a volley exchange most people do a pretty good job of keeping that paddle way out in front of them the problem is when the ball starts going faster and faster we start swinging more and more Wild and the ball Gets behind your body and then the ball pops up they.

Get to hit a smash and that's it instead what we want to do is as the ball gets going faster and faster we actually want to keep the paddle even more in front of us we have less time to react and so we don't have time to be swinging widely like this we want to keep it as Compact and as simple as possible and this does a few things.

First because you're hitting from a higher point you actually get to hit down on the ball that goes down to your opponent's feet now they have to hit up and you most likely get a high ball that you get to put away the other thing is that it's taking time away from them so if I'm hitting here they have a half a second less than if.

I'm hitting back here that can be enough time to put pressure on them and force an error and then the last thing is that uh it takes away your own chicken wing so if you're getting caught back here like this a lot especially on the forehand side instead of this try to keep the paddle out in front of you a ball that's.

Coming to your chicken wing you can cut off mostly by taking it as a backhand and then you don't have to worry about it so let's demonstrate that a little bit I'm going to try to keep it way out in front of me and then I get to hit down on the ball that's what we want to do especially in a rapid fire volley exchange try to form.

That habit by hitting slow first and then slowly speeding up so that at every level and at every speed you can keep that paddle way out in front of you instead of taking it back here I want to ask you a question are you ready to take your pickleball game to the next level making pickleball even more fun do you want to do it the right.

Way and see results the very next time you step on the pickleball court if so I want to introduce you to the pickleball Master Class it's the only comprehensive online pickleball course that'll help you achieve a 4.0 rating or higher attract better players better partners and have more fun in a record time the pickleball master class is all about.

Helping you become the best player you can be without losing the fun side of the game it's all about giving you the ability to compete against higher skilled players without feeling uncomfortable or inferior on the court it's all about helping you reduce the frustration that comes along with unforced airs so that you can have fun.

And compete at a higher level inside the pickleball master class we have 35 videos broken up into eight modules the serve the return third shot fourth shot the dink lob the volley and the reset we break down each of the core aspects of the game and attach a principle so that the skill that is taken away takes all the guesswork out.

Of the game for you and you have a systematic approach to the game that you can build a solid foundation upon so who's this course for if you love the game of pickleball you're tired of making too many unforced errors you want to play at a higher level and have more fun this course is for you while in-person training is great we believe.

Our online course gives you longer lasting results because you get unlimited access you can watch the training video practice the concept watch it again then move on to the next concept at your own pace as many times as you need and because we want to make this incredibly affordable for as many people as we can we're going to be.

Selling the course for just under 300 but as I mentioned if you stick around to the end of this video we're offering an additional discount of a hundred dollars so you can join right now for only 197. there you have it 197 dollars for unlimited access for everyone in your household just click the button below this video and it'll take you to.

Our checkout page where the discounted price is already factored in when you check out you'll have instant access to all the training inside the pickleball Master Class the championship drills one day clinic and the paddle grip series we already have 900 students that have joined the pickleball master class and are seeing the growth they were looking.

For in their pickleball games check out what Rick has to say about our training I'm an avid pickleball player so I'm always looking for the next way to improve my skill level so that I can play better meet my friends a little bit more often and have more fun so when I came across the opportunity to purchase Scott Morris pickleball master class.

Online video series I didn't have to think twice most of you know Scott to be the best senior player in the history of the game but in addition to being a fantastic player he and his son Daniel are also outstanding teachers all the lessons they provide are very clear concise easy to understand and very easy to transfer out into the court or either.

Practice or game play I encourage any of you guys that are students of the game that want to get better check out Scott's pickleball Master Class series and that's our ultimate goal with the pickleball Master Class to give you a simple framework that takes the guesswork out of the game so that you can focus on growing as a player.

Advancing your level and making the game much more fun and you now have two choices you can either continue going out there every day and hoping that you will improve by playing with the same old people and doing the same old things or you can take the fast track to pickleball Improvement by learning some shortcuts and real techniques that we.

Have learned over the years improve strategy and drills from a couple of professional instructors who can quickly give you the tools to become the best pickleball players you can ever be so that's it for our top five pickleball mistakes that you can repair overnight we hope this video has given you some great insight into how to take your game.

To the next level and even if you decide not to purchase the course hopefully it's a good start or you know where to focus your time and attention to become a better pickleball player so get out there and practice what you've learned and for those of you that have joined today we really look forward to seeing you inside the course and sharing our.

Proven pickleball principles and strategies that's it for our free training we hope you enjoyed it thanks for tuning in and hopefully we'll see you in the pickleball court somewhere Mars class was one of the most one of the strongest pickleball classes that I've taken I feel like my game is.

Definitely improving and I cannot wait for another class to take Scott Hello friends my name is Bill and I wake up every morning trying to figure out how I can get better at the game of pickleball pickleball masters class has certainly helped me do that the really nice thing about pickleball masters class is that they give you instruction then.

Demonstration they'll give you even drills to do or a game to play I can refer to at any time I'd like to which is a big benefit if I want to work on something specific I'll just watch the video go to the courts and work on it so I would highly recommend the cabal masters class
Visit https://bit.ly/pickleball-masterclass to sign up for The Pickleball Masterclass. We have traveled the world, and there are 5 #pickleball #mistakes we see over and over again. In this video, we explain the most common pickleball mistakes for beginners, and how you can repair them immediately.

Here are the most common pickleball mistakes by pickleball pros, Scott and Daniel Moore:
00:00 – Pickleball Mistakes Intro
1:24 – Pickleball Mistake 1: Hitting the pickleball too hard. Pickleball is a game of finesse, and power isn’t always the key to winning points. Often times, people hit the ball too hard when it is too low or they aren’t in the right position. This isn’t the right shot, and often times results in hitting the ball out or into the net. You can’t win points if you are hitting the ball out all the time.
2:30 – Pickleball Mistake 2: Backing off the non-volley zone. If your opponent hits an aggressive shot that takes you away from the kitchen, it is important to get back to the NVZ as soon as possible. If you back off the non-volley zone and stay back, your feet are much more exposed for your opponent to slam and they no longer have to hit a good dink because you have given them so much room. If their shot takes you off the kitchen line, always give yourself time to get back to the line before they hit the next shot.
4:12 – Pickleball Mistake 3: Not getting into the right position. Positioning is really important in pickleball. If you are not in the right spot on the court, it makes your opponents job really easy because you leave spots open on the court, and are often times running around off balance playing more defense instead of offense. In general, your goal is to get to the non-volley zone line as quick as possible because that is the place on the court where you have the greatest advantage.
5:21 – Pickleball Mistake 4: Going for the winner too early. It is so fun to hit that difficult shot for the winner and a common mistake is forcing that winner too early. If you force the winning shot too early, you often times are hitting the ball off balance, too low, or when your opponents are ready to return your shot with a slam. Mature pickleball players have good patience and wait for the point to develop so their opponents pop the ball up giving them an easy put-away. Be patient, and you will be rewarded with more opportunities for winners.
6:45 – Pickleball Mistake 5: Hitting the pickleball behind your body. The best way to hit your volleys is out in front of your body. The longer you wait, the more you are hitting the ball behind your body, or after the pickleball drops too low. This gives the opponents more time to react, forces a bad shot for you, and most importantly prevents you from hitting the ball down at your opponents feet. When you hit the ball out in front, it allows you to hit down on the ball at your opponents feet, which will force them to pop it up so you can put the ball away.
9:09 – Introducing The Pickleball Masterclass
In The Pickleball Masterclass, you will get unlimited access to more than 30 instructional videos to help you refine your skills which will help you become a smarter pickleball player. It is the only online #pickleballtraining that is guaranteed to take your game to the next level and help you have more fun playing pickleball. Watch the training anytime, on any device. Visit https://www.highperformancepickleballacademy.com/pbmasterclass to enroll.

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We love pickleball! In this video, you will learn how to play pickleball and various pickleball strategies. It is important to first understand the pickleball rules, and then come and watch these pickleball tutorials to take your game to the next level.

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