Hey Cliff good to see you man I'm so sorry I'm late I apologize I've been wanting to do this golf video with you for some time right now it's going to be so great look I bought a um a new driver I want you to hold on to that thing grip that driver like you're gonna hit it real quick Cliff because we're going to talk about four things with your golf.

Game we're going to talk about your pre-shot routine and then after we do that we're going to talk about when do you hit that driver what time what circumstances should you hit it and when should you not third we're going to talk about when we're playing golf and you're out of position and you're in the trees another.

Place what's the best way to get back in position to play golf and finally we're going to talk about how do we minimize the big mistakes and easy shots so I think it's going to be I think it's going to be a lot of fun and that driver clip it sure is if you like it if not I know you got like 11 000 subscribers you can give it away to one of those guys.

this is speakable oh you saw the first part of that uh video we talked a little bit about Golf and what we're going to do is take those scoff principles and apply them to pickleball if you like what you see today subscribe and hit the like button guys many of you have probably heard.

That pickleball is a combination of tennis ping pong and badminton but I want to submit to you today another sport golf can help you in pickleball if you're like me and used to play a lot of golf and put it all aside to play Pickleball that's great if you don't play golf but you still might find some of these tips helpful to you the first.

One that I shared with Cliff when we started our introduction was a pre-shot routine and in golf if you watch golf on TV and watch the professionals watch every time they hit up shot they do the same exact thing many of them trigger their free shot routine by attach to their cap or pulling their glove up and then they'll do the same thing whether.

They waggle the club back a little bit before they take two practice swings whether they stop but they do the same thing that provides consistency that provides Comfort it's the same way they do when they practice the same way when they do in tournaments well I would say the same thing applies in pickleball if you watch a professional pickleball.

Tournament when the server starts the point he does this he or she does same thing every time they may bounce the ball two or three times they may flick their paddle a couple times and they take a step back but they're in a routine I just want to encourage you guys when you serve do the same thing before the point high five your partner.

Tap paddles tell the other team good shot but once you get ready to serve do the same routine every time follow the same technique the second thing I said to Cliff was was to know when you hit this club when do you hit a driver and when do you not well guys that varies it varies by the golf course how wide is the Fairway how good of a golfer are you.

Which direction does the hole turn left or to the right that makes a big difference you'll see different guys use different clubs on the same hole I think we want to apply that same principle to pickerball and let's go back to the serve when you serve your serve might be different than someone else's the idea of a driver is to get that ball in the.

Fairway the idea of a serve is to get that ball in play so depending on your level of Competency and how good you are that can vary how much you do with the serve you may just be like me and just want to consistently aim for deep in the middle of the court I like to pick a spot in golf a driver a guy will pick a spot 250 yards out and aim for that spot.

I'd say in pickleball I explained to my wife who's just getting started aim right for the middle and pick you out of spot it gives you a lot of room for air if you're a more a pickleball player an enhancer game you can hit the serve harder you can get in consistently you can add spin to the serve you can do a lot of different things but do something.

That will get that ball in play much like getting your driver the ball the tee shot in the Fairway you need to get your pickleball in the court to start the point guys the third tip that I gave Cliff about golf is what do you do when you're out of position what do you do when you hit the ball on the trees or you hit the ball in the water what do.

You do well I went to fly that same thought to pickleball what do you do in pickleball when you're out of position one thing that I see that's very common is people try to hit the hero shots they're out of position they're out of play the ball is below their feet they just swing as hard as they can they try to hit a crazy point they get the balls.

Lobbed over the head they turn around and try to hit some crazy shot what you need to do is you want to get the ball back in play in golf we talk about making an aggressive swing to a conservative Target in pickleball it's the same thing I want you to put the ball back and play if the ball is behind you on a dink softly get it back in play.

If you're back behind the Baseline get it and play don't try to hit that hero shot don't try to hit it through two sets of trees and maybe just don't get it on the green put it back on the golf course put the pickleball back in play when you're out of position and guys the last tip that I gave to Cliff on golf was to minimize giving away shots just.

Wasting shots and again this applies to pickleball in in my play with so many new folks one of the most common mistakes that I see is hitting out balls and it's not something that practice practice very much people practice dinks they might practice volleys but when they're just practicing somebody hits the ball long they just set it back to.

Get in play you've got to let that go you've earned the points and yet by hitting the ball you give your opponent a second chance the second bite at the Apple the best way I know is to do drills have someone hit you balls practice you can you'll get to know over time by the pace of the ball normally if the ball is above this level right here.

It's going out now if it's really soft you'll know that gives you plenty of time the faster the ball is going the more of a chance it is to go out but what I want you to do is just practice and then you can feel it and once you feel it you'll be so much more comfortable at letting that out ball go and winning more points all right my.

Good friend Cliff is going to hit me some balls and I'm going to make a decision is that ball going to go in or it's going to go out if it's going out I'm going to let it go so I can practice understanding not hitting out balls let's do it all right guys we're going to practice that drill I just talked about Cliff is going to hit some balls.

To me he's gonna hit some baseline rallies and I'm going to look at them and if I think the ball is going in I'm going to fit it back to Cliff and continue the point if the ball is going out I'm going to let it go this is going to allow me to practice you really need experience to understand when do when to let the ball go because it's going out.

So Cliff thank you I let it go and it was good so let's get this one to practice should let it hit that one good shot yep fell out let it go let's go right back get it ah see they're high but they're going to come down he's got Top Spin on it.

That one fell out felt like it was good the ball was out yep once I see that ball going like that with that pace those are going out so guys that's what you need to work on practice find somebody that'll hit balls too and repeat that repetition is what's going to make you better at recognizing out.

Balls thank you
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