Hey guys I'm Kim boshrush and I am joined with Cliff today we're going to talk to you about why communication is so important when you play double or mix hold on let me translate that what he said is today we're going to talk about why communication is so important for those in the back.

Okay so why is it so important okay so there's a couple other things today we're gonna show you in this video that's gonna help you like improve your game when you play double or make so the first thing we're going to talk about is why do we stack it actually is pretty Common Sense stuff he has a stronger forehand than me I know biceps are.

Deceiving so we want to put his forehand in the middle give him the most um opportunity to put the ball away so my position is going to stay over here and I'm going to guard my line and he's going to take the middle foreign you so one of the big questions we get mixed doubles is how much of the Court does my.

Partner take versus how much do I take the male partner since he is has his forehand in the middle should be taking a majority of the Court my job is to set the ball up for him by putting the ball in front of him resetting it so that he can look for the put away let's show you how that looks foreign.

I'm gonna keep putting it back in front of me it's taking all of those go so that could have been a put away there but we're very nice to our our ball feeder here as you can see I'm gonna keep that ball he's getting closer to me I'm going to.

Take this ball closer and he's moved over so that he can be in position so that ball came right to me so I was able to but if it would come over this plane it would be Cliff ball to put away so the next thing we're going to talk about is the most dreaded part of pickleball and that is the lob everyone hates him but.

How do we deal with them so in this situation when I'm on this side of the Court my partner Cliff is here and I get loved because the female tends to get logged more than the male obviously because I bet you can jump who whose ball is that well I'm going to go back to my original answer it's always going to be yours so if the ball comes over me.

Cliff is going to come behind me and he's going to place the ball correctly so that he can get back to his position so another question people have is if my partner goes back for the lob do I need to slide over in short and if we're breaking it down to Basics no my partner's responsibility when he goes back for that lob is to drop it and.

Place it correctly so that he can get back to his position I can cover here but if I go over here then we've left Floyd more on the Move two we've left a lot of court open so let's see how that looks here we go for dinkin it's a good day oh there goes a log partner grabs it nice and he has plenty of time as you can see.

To get right back for me to hit it in the net alright so we're in our nice little dink rally there's no trust issues yet and then we're still going here we go friendly dinking oh trust is broken lob here we go and as you can see he has plenty of time to get back to his position it didn't.

Look like you were too stressed out there oh there goes another one here we go and oh he's just all over the place but as you can see he's able to get to the log and still get back to his position without running like a Maniac or stressing out too bad you looked very calm there so the key is to be calm.

Going to the ball be calm coming back to your position our last topic is when the ball comes to the middle which it tends to do whose ball is it so I'll tell you my personal opinion is that most of these balls come in the middle they're going to be my backhand I'm going to defer to my partner if I'm positioned correctly.

Following the ball it makes more sense for Cliff to Simply reach his arm out as opposed to me turning my entire body to get a ball the key to that is obviously Focus your partner has to be able to anticipate where the ball is going read it and be able to take it the second part is communication when those balls are coming closer and closer it is key.

That he says mine or yours so I know not to go because we've all seen the paddle clash in the middle so let's see how that looks so he's over this is mine it's getting closer to me so a lot of y'all would have went for that ball but that's his ball see he's keeping the ball in front of him.

It's very easy so now all I have to do is focus on putting the ball back here and see if we won that point yes so in conclusion there are four main points that you should remember when you're going out to play mixed doubles the first is stacking it's the establish early if you want to stack and is it beneficial.

Two how much of the Court should Cliff take and let's see who's got the ball in the middle he should have all of them and last but not least who gets a lob always that guy so we hope this is helpful for you as.

You go and attack mixed doubles you use these strategies it'll definitely improve your game improve your partnership remember don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you next time subscribe now guys foreign
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