Hi everyone Clifford here we all know if you want to improve and pickleball you have to drill right it's not about how many how much red game you play okay it's about drilling to do the work in this video I'm gonna give you three easy drill so you can practice if you start doing them like even five minutes a day you're gonna see how your game gonna.

Improve and when your game is improved you're gonna have more fun okay and you're gonna play better without further Ado let's go right into it if you like the content of this Channel please give us a like okay subscribe and hit the Bell icon so you can get notified every time we upload a video I'm uploading a video every Sunday and.

Wednesday one of the biggest problem I see in pickleball is people not moving their feet if you can only move your feet you're gonna see how your game gonna improve because now you're not gonna try to reach everything you can you can actually get to the mall and hit it okay so one of the drill you can do.

So that gonna increase your speed at the net okay and that's gonna give you like that reflex is the Israel okay so what he's gonna do right now he's gonna try to throw some ball at me and I'm gonna try to avoid those ball okay here we go okay you see son.

Okay here we go okay as you can see I'm moving I don't know what where you're gonna assemble so my body is locked okay I'm watching the ball I'm waiting and he's mad right now because he cannot help me with the ball you see.

Here we go yep uh-huh and boom so when you have the middle of the Court you cannot drive the ball okay so instead of driving the ball what you can do you can reset it alright so when you reset it that's going to give you time to get to the kitchen remember your goal is to get to the kitchen this.

Is why we play the game all right so this is why I designed this drill it's gonna allow you like to practice to have some muscle memory to know what to do at the base like sometimes you can get away with it you can drive a boat but as soon as you get in the middle you have to reset okay you get to the kitchen now you start baking Okay so ready.

You said nice poor Squad middle all right you said in Mark drive it awesome Drive resetting boom.

Squad Metal He's setting Drive again all right resetting boom why core Squad boom metal resetting need some dry drive again resetting awesome for Squad all right middle boom let's say you think you're.

Pretty good at thinking at the net all right you can think like consistently low keep that ball low and short like let's say 20 times 30 times okay so now when you getting better at pickleball you have to be able to drink the ball 100 a time okay but the only way you can achieve that you have to drill we're gonna think.

Okay so I'm gonna catch every time he drink the ball too high I'm gonna take it out of there every time I took it out of there it's gonna be one point for me same for him too if we take it out of there it's gonna be one point so the first one that gets to seven okay is gonna be the winner all right after three balls we're gonna.

Start now we start over all right here we go one oh my God two thank you out so he got minus one and I got two all right here we go again so he got minus two and I got two here we go.

I want you guys to work on your patience three all right to be able to take good decision all right got minus three I got three when to take it out of there when not to not take it out there all right four here we go.

I hope you got the idea the idea is about control okay and fake decision that was like too easy drill you can practice even 5 10 20 minutes per day so you want to get better start doing those exercises okay you can see what is your weakness and try to work on it and get better as you're getting better you're gonna enjoy the game more and you're.

Gonna have more fun okay so like always if you like the video don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you next time
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