Hi welcome to brionne's pickleball my name is jordan briones and in today's video we're going to go over the top bad pickleball coaching tips now let's jump right in all right before we get started go ahead and hit that subscribe button if you're not subscribed to this channel and also.

Hit that little bell icon so that you can be notified every time we release a new video now let's get right to them right how you doing good okay my name is jordan and in today's lesson um you know we're going to be talking about covering the middle okay and you know a lot of times we get the ball hit in the middle and you know we need.

To solve it and figure out who's ball it's very very simple forehand takes it okay if my forehand can get it it's my ball okay so obviously you know these are gonna be my balls if they're in front of me over here obviously you know the ball bounces over here it's your forehand so obviously you take it right um but.

Anything i would say from here right where your left toe is this is my ball because obviously my forehand is great um and your backhand's probably pretty weak right yeah okay that's what i thought it's my forehand so it's always my ball no.

Matter what all right obviously this is a big one a really really big one we hear about forehand takes the middle all the time couple questions um what if it's a lefty and a righty that's my first question to you what if you have the backhands in the middle or if you have the forehands in the middle.

One thing i do want to kind of just mention for you to think about and we're going to dive deeper into this topic in a future video but when we're thinking uh when we're trying to cover middle balls especially dinks in the middle just look at where that ball is coming from and who it's headed towards right sometimes there's balls that are landing.

Over here right it could be over there and you know let's say i'm over here in katrina let's say you're sliding over a little bit and the ball is coming over here cross court from katrina if it's traveling towards her and it is you know bouncing over there she's going to take that with her backhand because she's in.

A better position now at times you know i could cut this off if i do that that's okay too but you know as we're working through this middle ball don't let anyone tell you that forehand always takes the middle we're gonna actually show you on screen here uh some really really good examples of when high-level players actually take the.

Middle with their backhand when it gets late just let the music play like a drug i all right how you doing today good okay so what we're going to do is we're going.

To talk about dinking here okay remember when we are dinking the whole purpose of a dink is to force our opponents to make an error okay so we do not want to attack ever okay unless the ball is this high okay we're gonna obviously hit a overhead smash you're gonna smash you're gonna smash it down here okay but.

Unless it gets up that high we wanna be patient okay don't don't even think about being aggressive at all just play it safe and be very patient okay so we're gonna go right here i'm gonna dink to you unless it's very very high i don't want you even attacking it okay no attacks okay be.

Patient patient okay force me to make the error okay force me good good force me to make the error good good good don't attack it don't attack unless it's really high okay don't okay don't attack it don't no okay remember patience is the answer all right so obviously that was a a little exaggerated but there are players.

That will tell you to just play the soft game dink all the time never take any risk okay as this game keeps improving and as more and more players come into the game attacking is a really important skill especially at the intermediate and towards the higher levels you have to know when to attack.

And you have to know how to attack even if it's fairly low some of these things could be attackable okay we can attack them off the bounce there's nothing wrong with that the the biggest thing that we want to do is not just get lulled into just dinking you know dead dink after dead thing eventually we're gonna find.

Ourselves on the defense and then our opponent is speeding up the ball at us all the time on balls that we can speed up and put in a good spot we want to do that as well and keep the pressure on them okay so um in this first lesson today i know you haven't played much but we're going to talk about.

Dinking at the non-volley zone line what i want you to do is volley every single ball that you can okay and what that does is that takes time away from your opponent okay it's all about time we want to keep time away from them and take every ball out of the air every time we let the.

Ball bounce right we're just we're just giving them hours and hours and hours and days of time okay so make sure that we're we're taking everything out of there i don't even care if you're overextending or reaching way out here i do not want you to let that ball drop here we go.

Good ball good good good good good get out of the air good get out of the air good out of the air out of there nice nice perfect good good good think every guy take time away from me good take time take time away take time away good take time away take good good you're doing great see see what that.

Does okay doesn't matter really if you're off balance or you pop up the ball it really doesn't matter what we want to do again is you want to take time away from me all right so this one might ruffle some feathers out there but you know one thing uh that i teach is.

For sure i am looking for a volley dink okay i'm not saying don't take volley dinks out of the air i'm saying there are strategic times where you want to let that ball drop all right so if i'm up here and i'm dinking right the whole purpose of a dink is to force low contact points right so if katrina is hitting me good dinks towards.

My feet okay there's certain ones where i can get out of the air comfortably if i'm reaching every single ball in even the ones that are like that my contact is very very low and it's and that contact point is so far away from me that i lose control so again when we.

Are looking to volley dink which which we should we want to keep that ball a little bit closer to us and if it's too far then just let it bounce there's no problem with letting balls bounce okay so here we go again this is good if i'm too far extended okay all right so that one right way out of the reach okay so.

Really be mindful of how far you're reaching you know we don't want to have that contact point so far away from us where we lose control you know because every time we reach every time we extend like this we have a better chance of hitting into the net or popping that ball up all right so that wraps up this video.

When it comes to strategy you know it really depends on the situation most people mean well you know they just kind of hear things here and there and pick up things and sometimes it's just not the best solution for all things i hope you really enjoy these examples here and we hope to see you in the next one so we'll see you next time.

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Video again thanks for watching and we'll see you in the next one cause you're in my space
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