If you're a beginner pickleball player looking to take your skills to the next level this video is for you my name is mark price i'm here with pickleball central to bring you a mini series on how to improve beginner pickleball we're going to be showing you the right techniques mini games and drills that will help you improve your.

Game so if you're a beginner and you want to get better we're going to show you how to have quality practice if you enjoy the series then please comment below and let us know what you'd like to see next so the first drill we're going to do is something called lift dinking we're.

Going to lift the ball over the net and into the into the no volley zone so imagine you were going to throw a ball or toss an underarm throw this is the sort of action we're doing we're not going to flick our wrists or use our elbow joints it's a really smooth action uh three things to think about grip pressure is very important about three.

Out of ten are very light grip your swing speed is slow and it's almost like a just a lift or a pushing motion let me show you so it's really important to give yourself some margin i would lift it about six to eight inches over the net just take your time get a feel for the.

Ball focus on connecting the center of the paddle and lifting over the net fantastic the second drill is learning to volley dink so a volley is simply taking the ball in the air we're going to.

Reach into the no volley zone and lift the ball not letting the ball bounce so this is a great a great drill ben's going to hand feed me i'm going to reach out take the ball in the air and the swing is very small this time because the ball's already high um in a game players are going to be.

Going for your feet if you're constantly running back then you lose time and also you can cause errors so to be able to take the ball in the air is a really good skill so we'll give you a little demonstration i'm going to reach in here ben's throwing to my feet and i'm going to reach in and then just touch the ball.

I'm almost just letting the ball land on my paddle face so there's very little swing touch can you see how small the swing is and again there so i'm just going to reach in i'm not going to let it hit my feet.

And touch it landing it back into the kitchen have a go the third drill we're going to work on is something called block volleys so block volley is when you're at the no volley line someone drives the ball hard at you and.

You're going to block the ball using your paddle like a shield so this is really important to learn early on because in the game people drive the ball at your lots so a couple of things i'm going to have my feet at the line my paddle needs to be up and i'm gonna reach out and connect with the ball in front of me.

If your ready position is too close to you then you can get jammed up or or you it feels threatening when you're almost being hit by the ball so we're going to start again ben is going to throw the ball so i'm going to get in my ready position here paddle up he's going to throw the ball at my chest to start with just so i can learn the form and the the.

Right technique so look that my um my weights forward connecting with the ball in front here there so i'm punching the ball back it's a very small movement because the ball's going so fast so don't swing at the ball this is what i call is a swing and this is a block so a very small.

Compact almost like jabbing when you've done that ben's now going to drop the ball and drive the ball at me fantastic so practice this skill slowly and then gradually pick up the pace have a go nice seeing the drills i really encourage you to get on court and work.

On your game with a friend tune in next month we're going to be talking about court positioning and movements you can find me on social media at mark press pickleball and don't forget to ding the like button smash the subscribe to pickleball central
We partnered with pickleball coach Mark Price to bring you a mini series on beginner tips and tricks. Mark has 25 years of playing and teaching experience but started with pickleball in 2018, there isn’t much he doesn’t know about professional sports coaching. As a PPR-certified professional pickleball coach, he is well-equipped to analyze your game, help you learn, play better, and win more!

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