Oh and he gets it are you kidding me I mean that is unbelievable don't tell me get out of town no way reset and Yates with whatever that was it looked like a dink until it was very very fast somehow oh.

Scared to go in the kitchen he had to let that bounce good duckle bar this point is nuts oh and then the two he's got it what was that knuckle bar holds it hasn't hit a two-handed backhand eighth of a second to see where his opponent is gonna lean foreign.

Oh my goodness and a big yell let's go from Ben Jones you don't hear that very often but the whole world thought he's going ATP he did not as I miss hit overhead and a week overhead and uh well that's exactly what you get unfortunately you get some real.

Opportunities to put the ball away on the Ernie Megan fudge not giving up my goodness absolutely unbelievable we will hit that Ernie but fudge what a great job of playing defense here too much of an angle off of that honey.

From Colin John's blue goes back oh my and he flashes back into the screen and then a little short hop flick behind Ben Johnson it's like some of those shallow returns that are just crossing the plane of the net by a small margin are also really challenging to have to return yeah the the one Federico hit two points ago it was it.

Was a little shorter with there's one two thank you Oh What a Beautiful Life debate with Alvarez there okay I don't even know how Yates got that.

That ball back originally cell phone out of Duval County wish the best for that situation it was AJ Kohler with yet another Ernie he is stacking him up here in this match what defense to the ATP yeah ATP used to be a winner tweener oh no oh my goodness no way get out of here.

Ben John's Act and it goes behind him and that's literally the definition of wrong footing a player that has great speed because Arnold foreign you give it a little more air yep oh another.

Another hang in the in the overhead but I mean look at that shot oh wow Ernie back out re-earning that was MC nasty that was McNasty and stays right there sacrificial lamb out to a 7-5 start and they're cruising right now.

Two times says he's still learning I don't think so Travis Redding Meyer stealing the show earning a standing ovation from the fans inside Dreamland first between the legs next to sprawling backhand.

That was just insane the third shot lob you love to see it yeah that was all wow and Jack Monroe after Fran Fila comes up with some magic there's even more magic that closing the Gap to four get out of town come on somehow Inside Out flick.

Oh she got it she got it she got it Bobby oshiro hits the deck oh so well done oh nice touch there from Colin Johns that's sneaky right there enough out of the reach of Arnold.

Oh that's just too good from Corinne Carr up and over the top of Julian Arnold he can't quite get to it right in front of us good pull from coop I saw the young put the ball into the net so we had we had a combination of either side he's a little slippery in the middle.

Right here watch this little inside out oh yeah and that's not I mean that's what oh wow he's got himself right back into it look at this he's cheating the Ernie and he gets it that was incredible foreign this is pickleball what a point by all.

Four players and it is Ben Johnson finishes down the line decal I hope got the color he wanted on that trip to the nail salon that's interesting third shot this is a third shot mid-court lob follow-up winner volley never I don't know that I've seen that one Tent City back she's been a little flat.

And that right there should help I'm not sure how Evan had that much angle off of the backhand but well just perfectly punishes him good job by Daya school and Johnson to keep the pressure on Johnson as she pulls that two-handed overhead backhand to the sideline they.

Continue to press that they get an error there see the Loon again though not not deterred at all straddling and he's everywhere Tyler Loom is everywhere in this match so far boys oh get out of town I mean the nod from Hunter it's just the Yelp yeah easy game.

Guys no big deal that that lands halfway into the kitchen I mean he doesn't even get into the dark until the last two minutes and it'll only run when the ball is in the play unless of course.

That's just ridiculous AJ Kohler he wanted to take the first ball out of the air couldn't and then finishes with that one my goodness he wasn't feeling them that's why he was driving quite a bit on his thirds oh oh my gosh what Todd falls down.

I mean she's in the Splash and then the bride just misses it long pressure on so something that he definitely needs to do is is step in and be a little bit more aggressive as far as going for that ball man as is that better.

I mean these are the rallies that are momentum Everton Johnson can't come out on top of that I love the whisper for me that was spicy yep I don't mind it at all if you know you have some of the bathroom pans out there there's no reason why you shouldn't just attack the body some of the time keep them honest.

And then it makes left and right that much better oh wow athletic Point again no Cali shot of the match for sure Dead stretch on the forehand Cross Court winner oh oh he's pulled it off Thomas Wilson up Thomas Wilson that is highlight reel.

Oh my starting out with a little yeah come on fire so they're starting and with a you know an upbeat attitude ready to roll oh and blank with a full swing and he does not catch this as clean as possible because if yeah.

Wow I mean that is unbelievable Kyle Yates eight for ten successful lobs coming guffin and devillier looking to close it out here what the heck foreign defense.

yeah he's probably still got a number of years left I mean Pat Smith is laughing as hard as decal is what just so nonchalant Daniels just standing a little tall just very tall just I'm gonna dink with you all day brother I'm.

Here Sunday oh my oh oh oh way to do it easy and it's tioni not the racquetball player that makes a play off of momentum trying to close out game two nine seven.

and the volley of the match no luck completely the exact same game style makes sense oh wow and so so you know sometimes uh it's not just it's not just the looks uh or the last name it's actually my injuries but uh.

Looks to be getting over the hump oh there's the quick feet of Yates great reads and we are back McGuffin serving to Irvine just scrapes over the net no no that's amazing out of nowhere behind the body behind.

The back Jack and Sprint over to her side of the Court there handled it well there but yeah oh lovely oh no did that it didn't I must have yo oh my goodness Grace Phil just Phil that foreign.

we talked about earlier so much case in her game oh look at that ride the rail and wow ATP and then just hung out there weren't a lot of places to go with that ball so he just stood there what a fun Point here.

Wow oh I like the tape there from strapping again just continuing to level up look at this work forehand roll better is gonna come out.

Wow Kyle Yates putting on a defensive Clinic here gosh beautiful ATP it's the only shot he had Georgia Johnson but Wilson and Franco take back the lead oh that's an amazing shot yeah that was an amazing shot from Wilson he moved up on that overhead that is a beautiful loss very nice.

I don't think anyone saw that coming oh and he had some Top Spin on it too foreign goodness Lucy kovalova get unbelievable and hits a winner the double ATP double ACP right there right there look at the defense ball drops in Frazier just very casually.

Double courts now uh in that in that area let's see if he goes around the post here oh wow what a shot by Riley unbelievable unbelievable I mean from Championship Sunday with the ball foreign meter is back in business oh the Kohler oh look at what is he doing.

What is he doing he's looking he's punched over and then flicks a winner Hey Jake it's a little more you know hump behind it and that's that's where we're at with this game turn to sport what the he said that's not possible check that ball is it a circle oh look at this view.

On the replay oh my God what a view from the camera crew that was amazing and now all Sean is going cleaner winner at the kitchen line this guy is a highlight reel come on foreign across with the forehand and finishes.

Still alive whoa that was absolutely incredible at first I thought the point was over DJ thought it was over crowd is loving it Gabe thought it was over monster oh and that log from Cola it's become his signature shot that one had some curl.

Oh how about that pass first clean passing shot of the day from Annalee Waters let's take a look at that replay Jay is able to go get that ball that was so far wide all other three players on the court thought that that point was over and he was able to flick it around the post and paint the line.

oh my I literally was like I was already praising Joey on that amazing shot right there that I thought Johnson had no shot at it Go Go Gadget arms out there and gabrielson on the board here see if they can put a few together here around the back.

What a play from Wes gabrielson and not only keeping it in play but hitting it with a purpose foreign just even stay in that exchange and finally be able to create an angle here.

On this oh my God we've seen a couple of those today I just can't describe to you how hard that shot is to execute it matters yeah it really matters waiter you love the style points from Rafa Hewitt the tweener mixed in with the.

Reset yeah this guy we talk about on fire yeah here on Championship courts today 5522. and yeah as the weather got cool up there oh why not go oh.

look at that absolute filth from Christian all Sean are you kidding me the power game you think that is going to accelerate Dave yeah the interesting part of that and we'll answer that after this point is we do oh my goodness gracious just stop it Ben Johns just absolute obscenity very difficult I.

Looked over and asked if the at us and asked if the service out and it was actually having to serve on that one she could have called that sort of out we'll say no comment but yeah probably just a bit out but yeah it's difficulty as well foreign what is happening that's absolutely.

Ridiculous I mean he is so beat and just like that flips it up the around the post for the winner and another tweener winner this is the tweener King ladies and gentlemen look at this foreign.

Just when he looks like he's beat able to get that back Cross Court nothing Johnson can do for the tie wow is that the bird Kyle Yates jump in the corner of the opposing side oh my goodness full Sprint ATP in the corner van Jones.

Good evening from Scottsdale foreign what was that what are we even doing here look at this big backhand around the back winner from Jay de villier that is all we need to see folks everyone else can go home miscommunication.

Can they rate the ship oh Chuck Taylor comes flying in there flicks it parental lets it Go and it lands directly in the corner and the crowd wants more of this but she definitely doesn't look in full like in full health right now um.

What a shot from Annalee Waters what can you even say after that come on come on let's go capacity taking a nap by the net oh come on I'm sorry I'm literally standing on my chair chew a little bit and kind.

Of even even if it's a tough matchup and even if it's you know by all accounts I mean on paper they should lose this match from the audience right now everyone's hands put together Chad why wouldn't we go to dream breaker oh he went left-handed he went left hand.

And between no and then he slips the backhand by left hand tweener and then a little slip backhand unbelievable what a play by decal Barr and she's back don't tell me don't tell me what is going on.

She earnings to win the point after being on the ground oh wow yeah yep fair enough get the crowd involved that was crazy that bull landed in the kitchen but doing the legs no way.

Between the legs of Chuck Taylor oh my goodness off the ground let's see this again he loses his balance gets the battle Up Next Level surprises Stone foreign it's going to take a lot to get a point here but.

You know Dura durafest is the official ball of the people tour a little one-hand flip flifty dude let's take a look at that again Look At Me Now Look At Me Now oh beautiful is one of the great shots you're ever.

Likely to see in the game of Piccolo are you kidding me from the deck drops it in the kitchen and then puts away the overheading good get off the net by Lucy a little high oh my word change of villier with another behind the back.

For the winner someone needs to clip that and they're within one oh lovely oh flying through the air like Superman oh what are we seeing here today ladies and gentlemen oh what what in the world.

Ow been it around rapping a review you have to be kidding me that's the best shot I've ever seen foreign
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