Sign out forced by Sobek around the post by Davis sobeck had to go for it not much he could do with it so Davis gets the serve back at 7-6 how much fun pickleball was to watch yeah and uh singles is is a little bit faster yeah and a little bit more ground to cover great shot there by Liberty so look at these guys going back and forth.

You can notice the difference between the pros and the amateurs that we've seen the last couple of days Kyle catches up to that ball man this point just keeps going livernice and Yates going mono Amano and you hear the reaction out of Kyle Yates the crowd of plotting the effort there as Yates forces the side out to.

Get the serve back and see if Kyle can build off of that I love that reaction out of Kyle it's a good offense oh it's a better Ernie yeah if you decided to play that bounce there it could have been tricky there's probably a lot of spin on it Frank just decides to negate the kitchen all.

Together in a slapping Ernie with us yesterday throughout the day on our broadcast strong keeping pellicelli back on that Baseline Yates steps in front great communication between palaceli and Yates and they end up winning the point as a.

Result a quick three-nothing lead Quarters here in this area I'm sure that they they must be excited about this thing and about where it can go they they uh they have been actually uh I couldn't say enough about them the whole all the teams is the meet AC team which brings the sport events here into the convention center and then there's the.

Atlantic City Sports commission who is also partner you'd be nervous uh yes extremely nervous I you know I think I want to play more where they're practicing back there maybe next year next year I could be out there yeah I've heard the demo area back there is very nice you're one of the owners of the company she plays and she's very into it.

So she's been helping me understand it a bit more so thanks Cindy well there you go shout out Cindy uh okay we're taking dietzen Watson off the table I did the same thing for Jenna you're not allowed to answer anything Deaton Watson okay so so you're saying your bosses are not offended we're I'm making Katie take that off the table okay what is your.

Favorite food oh I'm a sweets person so anything with sugar chocolate gelato I am into and that does not diet Watson doesn't make any dessert which is good for me because I would probably eat it all day but anything sweet I am there for okay like I over asked because this has happened to all of us and it's so critical to be.

In the right place uh I ask all the time that was yeah we've seen that before out here get another see if Paul and the truck has a replay on that here we go asking you shall receive yeah he made that look so easy I didn't even catch it live I got it.

Look at that kitchen cam Rob OTs oh wow that was great and Kyle coming over after Robin gone off the court comes over and finishes it executing their smart players well Air Force site there's an educator when he's not playing pickleball and Tara candleman is a pickleball prone.

Assistant manager at a pickleball Club an indoor Club so he's pretty comfortable playing indoor pickleball wow drama Kyle throwing everything at them and they're standing and answering right back wow how good was that it is that's the Rob I'm used to seeing that was amazing both sides.

I mean they were both throwing Haymakers
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