foreign by Newman in the middle of that Exchange bam goes for the Ernie is Riley was in a position that could be exploited but it's not able to get the result they wanted and Anna Lee Waters has called timeout.

Dave to your question I am almost always trying to get my feet into that kitchen line uh nine times out of ten the only time I'll stay back is if I hit a poor return or a shallow return did that catch the line it did wow how good is that unbelievable take another look now not missed that very often well.

Second chance to not us at 12. and Jansen with the ATP defense winner Cross Court what a time for this after that stretch for mcnattaway foreign Triple Crowns for Ben Johns on this PPA tour season what a year it has been for the world's number one ranked player there is not a better pickleball player.

On planet Earth people hit 14 winners against her nearby Waters to keep that alive and then finishes it off what an exchange one one wow great defense by Cali after Leia was trying to just impose her will.

Foreign and it felt a lot closer than 11-6 didn't it no question it felt like it was gonna go uh and Riley here can find a little bit of a spark 262 foreign best to put it away great defense turns.

Into better offense for Riley Newman and Catherine parento hello Riley signal into the crowd the point that was for some love from the crowd and he got it foreign there we go there's the first Ernie.

Spot two it's not enough to just have great hands and get your paddle on the ball you've got to put it in a good spot this Trapster there Match Point number two well there it was we we called it we said there they are just the urban ATP had not been seen in the match we we get one right there and that closes it out.

Yeah I mean not a better way to finish that match it's a credible play from both teams one thing I also noticed is Rachel standing a little bit off the kitchen line get that epic 45 second Point here that everyone couldn't get enough of here's a good look at it pretty much everybody at the top of.

Their game here save his hat at all all right and finishes with the backwards
Rewatch and relive some of the best moments and plays of the 2022 Professional Pickleball Association’s Hertz National Championship played at the USTA National Campus in Orlando, Florida.