What an angle trying to force the third game no are you kidding me oh my God you gotta be kidding me right now talk about defense foreign.

Men's and women's and Senior Pros are playing their mixed doubles bracket today oh nice hands battle by all four of these gentlemen but it is lohani and Don Kina coming out on top of that foreign that is a nice rally to win at Taylor on the court during this and it looks just.

Like those attacks oh no that dropped in the corner oh goodness that lob up and over land right in front of us in the corner here like you you could have dropped it there it's a little faster that's smart play by Kohler.

Nice defense there Wilson gets the LOB past does Chris Kina wow this point is that everything oh and then goes long Bravo is all I've got to say after that just so much defending foreign.

Nice gift from Merchant what an angle there on the Ernie from Zane navratil and in the middle of this whole point there was a lob up there and watched this footwork great footwork and great angle there the pattern Todd so still 6-0 in game two family to go for the lobster to try and get a mess.

Look at that stand my goodness what a point out all right down that middle after both teams had to play defense best part of the match and fudge is going to tie it up here so much doing a great job staying in.

Here oh what a rally what a round really nicely done from both these ladies looked like four seven one oh my goodness Queen is out of the Court he is standing next to the trophy
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