Oh oh my goodness I told you he'd be on the ground we're still playing he'll be on the ground again oh my goodness that is what match point should look like ladies and gentlemen insane effort by Rob Cassidy there what.

A great finish in georgin compliment each other quite well it's their intensity and their play hey Dario flying across the line for that one foreign what a point JW Johnson a miraculous ATP it goes over tardio's.

Paddle unless once that ball gets up he's gonna keep going hard at the body another chance here to gain point foreign crowd in absolute awe it's in and we're gonna get a game three guys.

That was that was another point where we saw everything including the kitchen sink be thrown from the pantry into the open oh my God but in the end not enough.

If we look at the two-hander that Newman talked about earlier just how much he's enjoyed using that as a weapon thank you what a point unbelievable the point of the tournament so far.

My gosh foreign if it's not it will be soon and just wide on the big two-hander from Irvin and one of the best points you'll ever see every part of pickleball in one place so six two here game two oh my goodness Jocelyn davilier with the.

ATP ridiculous slice winner it's good it's good oh no oh my God ridiculous Point everybody scan the crowd my goodness what not five one but she got to finish anyway.

Lucy trying to finish great defense By the Waters how about this point bye floor is lava oh yeah and after all that kovalova is able to not just hit an ATP but you can see that Anna Lee cards the.

Line and she goes on the other side foreign keeps the best Riley's got alive what an exchange going on right now this is incredibly high level pickleball folks that you are watching right now you've got to be kidding me with this point what.

I mean that was just unbelievable and it finally ends with a disputed call and look at that look at this look at the respect look at the respects Jonah hey I've been calling pickleball for this is my seventh year calling pickleball that might be the best point I've ever seen that was unbelievable and it just keeps going.

Look at that speed from Kohler and yet the ball keeps coming back and the work on the Baseline out of the Newmans thank you
Merry Christmas to EVERYONE

We are thrilled to bring you the Top 10 Points from the Pickleball year. And what a year it has been. Please check out full matches and highlights from all of the Pickleball channels.

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