Wow what was that wow wow what a point foreign there is no point at the end of that point but what that was just unbelievable pickleball or I mean ruthless aggression from Matt Ryan.

Enough clearance angle oh she got it angle the other way oh bad balls wide what a point kovalova.

Thank you what a point to end it 11-8 game one goes to Tyson I'm probably the best point we've seen all match coach this week if you have a chance check that one out all the tweener from Yates beautiful offensive love number four in this point.

oh what was that what are we even doing here look at this big backhand around the back winner from Jay de villier that is all we need to see folks everyone else can go home.

Gosh look at this Gap from Irvin oh my goodness point of the match Irvin got all her steps in in one they switched sides 11 times but it is ultimately foreign.

Oh and that log from Cola it's become his signature shot that one had some curl McGuffin and devillier looking to close it out here foreign I thought for sure that ball was going to fly out.

Very ambitious from the villages to reset so very smart play to be aggressive oh my God that's part of the match wow outstanding play from Lee and Anna Lee.

What a get from Lee AJ keeps the best Riley's cut alive foreign exchange going on right now this is incredibly high level pickleball folks that you are watching right now be with this point okay.

What I mean that was just unbelievable and it finally ends with a disputed call and look at that look at this look at the respect look at the respects Jonah I've been calling pickleball for this is my seventh year calling pickleball that might be the best point I've ever seen that was unbelievable.

And it just keeps going Kohler and yet the ball keeps coming back and the work on the Baseline out of the Newmans and then finally
Ranking the best of the best from the month of November in Pro Pickleball!

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PPA Texas Open
USAP Nationals
PPA Takeya Showcase

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