She's special Catherine Brando is just too good nothing else to say after that we showed you those feet and they were fancy oh are you kidding me what a fight and then.

Megan fudge just catches her toe there it looks like foreign getting them pumped up he's been talking about that one for weeks oh he had him too.

Okay thank you Greg Johnson with the point of his life.

The point of the tournament or point of the day anyway so far Cameron the patience the resets and then the explosion of offense when they needed it let's go that's the thing the lack of secrets on this court today make it even more difficult ATP played by deckle oh what great defects by bar and Kohler.

Oh yes what a point more please Drew I mean outstanding you saw both teams go offense to defense oh wow Ben johns with a wild wild Point call in Schick you just have to go hats off for the gutsiness of some of those cons not them but she chose that.

Aggressive angle out wide to keep them moving laterally look at this defense you want to know why people love women's doubles that's why what a point what a rally and David and design come out on top they were fending for their lives Kyle too or else Colin will see it and.

Push it into the middle of the Court smart read by Thomas there what okay finding the open space Thomas Wilson just a tremendous finals pickleball rally right there.

Pablo Tellez turned into a magician on this point behind in the point and then at the advantage my goodness and I wasn't sure what exactly happened the forehand side of waters to see if the pattern stays the same or mixes up oh what a grab.

Foreign but she came up in
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