Paris and Anna can take this third game we will have a tiebreaker to 15 to follow she just took it she got a smile on her face it's funny and a nice shout out to Chad who said that he was expecting uh Paris and Anna to fire away more in game two and uh 60 from the Johnsons one of their.

Trademark moves gets the jab done and while Stacks route has several gold medals to his name and seeing them just drop the ball a little it's been a couple of times that's a good speed up from Todd but she's giving David too much room she's allowing David to get extended on that big sub from.

Decobar foreign wow yeah ridiculous hands from Zayn and as I mentioned before one of the hardest hitters when the ball goes up high DJ young great oh wow great hands oh my goodness.

Great go go gadget arm there from Hunter Johnson game on that far end which seems to be playing more favorably and that might give her the advantage here ultimately possibly taking this match yeah we've definitely seen the advantage being that far in so if if fudge can just scrape out a couple of points here.

Two three I mean four or uh or closing that Gap and putting any pressure on so something that he definitely needs to do is is step in and be a little bit more aggressive as far as going for that ball as is that I mean these are the rallies that are.

Momentum Killers if the average Johnson can't come out on top of that I love the whisper for me that was spicy because it was a perfect storm of consistent play good decisions and well-timed aggression by Georgia Johnson and Vivian David in game one.

Oh wow and it continues perfect execution of the around the post by Vivian David fully outstretched bringing it back in going between the feet there's almost always going to be a little dip from the winners of game two and the rise in level from The Losers of game one.

All right digs good pressure from Paris Todd I'm pretty sure yes that Anna and Paris might have spit on each other after that celebration moving back aggressively and that ball probably would have landed on the kitchen line oh no.

We got it what it landed in and he didn't put his foot on the kitchen lawn
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