Foreign from that back corner if she's going cross-court with that forehand a lot of her best shots four hand Top Spin roll oh my God from the desperate love there yeah well wide all right that's just that it's a tall.

Task against anybody but certainly Frasier and charging sat down on the court in anticipation of that miss it oh my gosh yeah what great hands I mean she is the one who the second game to force a third Mary didn't think that ball was gonna.

Come over yeah she stopped and then it and then it went over left that ball up and there's the aggression there from Johnson this time she keeps it well oh yeah that was good oh wow no fights or a quick exchange a great job by Young letting that ball Sail yes.

And even though young can hit those so hard he's not putting an angle on it he's right up the middle drop the middle yeah and at this this level those are easily returnable for most Pros Oh I thought that might have missed wife and again up the middle that one tried to put an angle on it but sure reads it well and I mean she was already working.

Her way up yeah yeah that was wow yeah I think Young committed to the drop shot way too early well known for almost over communicating on court I'm sure some would say but I would much rather see the over communication than the under so oh right on that Baseline foreign.

Well done some good defense there from Johnson and judging as JW all right yeah goodbye good get wow it's amazing especially when they don't know each other you just happen to be next to each other we could make a love connection you.

Never know okay okay there's that lava game yeah it's so tough Georgia thought DJ was gonna run that down and then he make some decision changes yeah are planning out balling that oh my goodness oh my gosh
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