welcome back to the top 10 pickleball plays of the week i'm shea underwood and this is our best week ever if you have a clip send it in let's get right into it at number 10 is chris and martin robertson playing in the finals of a cash tournament at nuke home ranch here's a wide dink and then a beautiful.

Ernie slaps that one down with authority at number nine we have a clip from florida chris and mark on the close side taking on chip and jess on the far side of the court they're going to get into a long hands battle this one lasts a while but there's some crazy stuff that happens here check this out.

There's a behind the back and follows it up with the put away and remember this is only number nine they're gonna get so much crazier what a point coming in at number eight is justin boos from hatfield pennsylvania playing with the eola paddle closest to us barely gets that one off the net cord here's a couple of cross-court dinks and.

Then finally the two-handed backhand atp right in the corner perfect at number seven is dean from margate new jersey breaking out some hockey terminology that i actually did not know and you'll see right here five hole that's when you go between the legs of the goalie amazing shot.

At number six is mike vaughn in the selkirk shirt closest to us showing us his creative side check this one out here's a dink cross court gets lobbed can't quite get to it but slaps that one down the line without even looking what it ain't easy being me we're in the top five now and things are getting wild here's roman lancaster.

Playing singles against jacob doonan in hot springs arizona somehow manages to get that atp to go around the post and in and then actually hits a cross court for the winner and he goes crazy as he should have well deserved at number four is a fan favorite from rochester new york paul valenti playing with dave eric and andy paul hits a.

Strong cross-court dink sees his opportunity and hops the corner to hit an ernie overhead then he dives to get that ball this is match point he's putting his body on the line there's a reset and finally puts it away with the overhead there's another one this top three is insane here's drew.

Keister playing with andrew jules and diane drew defends the smash with a behind the back and wins it but he's not done yet a couple of points later andrew is about to one-up himself yet again just wait for it this shot is mental andrew hits a short dink and then slides middle they get it behind him but drew's there no.

Worries gets that perfectly in the kitchen and then a behind the back to follow it up are you kidding me this man is insane a pure highlight machine at the number two spot we have two clips from michael hartnegle playing out of indiana this first clip is a singles match against jeremy gets an easy overhead but whips it saves it with the.

Tweener we've all been there though right nope okay nice two-handed backhand sets up another overhead doesn't whiff this one but he's not done yet one more clip playing doubles this time his partner gets lobster michael goes back to get it two-handed backhand his partner stays down and then a jumping tweener to win.

It watch out kevin wong this guy's taking your shot this number one clip has a couple of the most baffling pickleball shots that i've ever seen we're at the gamma classic in the men's open pro 50 plus division speed up saved by behind the back and then an overhead saved by another behind the back how is that possible and then.

Finally a shot down the line placed perfectly in the corner to wrap up that point one of the best pickleball plays of all time no doubt if you've got a clip worthy of the top 10 check out the description for instructions on how to get that to me typically a youtube link works best.

Thanks for watching check out our other videos and remember to subscribe and i will see you next week peace
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Each week we’re collecting the best amateur pickleball points from around the world and putting them in a top 10! This is week 9!

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