this is the kitchen's community top 10 pickleball plays of the week i'm shea underwood and this week it's insane if you want to be featured send your clips in let's get right into it at number 10 this week is a clip sent in to us by scott peck scott peck says he runs a pickleball channel called scott.

Pickleball that is quite the name really nice play here overall with some high quality resets coming from the far side of the court they're playing very patient and then finally one more drop gets them into the kitchen line and then a well disguised speed up to the right shoulder wins the point and the number 10 spot.

Coming in at number 9 is jared cohen playing at a lifetime in alabama starting off the clip with some standard cross-court dinking back and forth this one is taken out of the air finally a dink is left a little bit too high sped up popped into the air ends up being a nice lob they go back and get it overhead defended well and a wide punch.

Volley ends up setting up a perfectly timed ernie some questionable footwork but a nice shot overall at number eight is donald johnson playing some singles we've got the behind defense view the third shot drive is defended with the lob successfully defends an overhead but this is going to be trouble dumps the ball off short gets.

To it but ends up leaving the court wide open for a flipper that name is still up for discussion at number seven is corey carson and his friends prepping for a 4.0 tournament in rochester new york great get by cory in the green shirt there but ends up putting him and his partner in the dreaded eye formation they end up.

Sorting it out though and get a few more dinks in here before one is a little too high leads to a hands battle and then a 360 reset that barely makes it in bounds here's an overhead that lands a little short in the court so it's driven back and the team close to us is just trying their best to get back up to that line there's a reset still can't make it all.

The way up finally they get a chance to approach one semi-high dink leads to another one that's attacked and finally put away awesome clip at number six is chris dickert and drew hurley playing against rafa hewitt and alan doran chris and drew are the team closest to us and they're gonna pull off something that i have never seen before in fact i'm not.

Even sure that it's legal it's probably not you let us know but here it is a nice short dink ends up leading to them switching their paddles midpoint getting back into the play hitting a few more dinks before finally drew is able to hit a backhand roll down the middle to put that ball away wow.

at number five is charles may and fabio playing against steven and vin fabio hits the third shot drop a little too high he ends up reaching for him falling over but don't worry he gets back up and hits the ball down the line for a winner these points are only getting crazier.

This one is kevin wong and nina and kevin's about to do something miraculous hops the corner in front of his partner and hits a tweener mid-air excuse me that was ridiculous watch this one more time coming in at number three we have hugh and michelle aka the pickle yogi playing at lifetime in the fabled king of.

Prussia they're on the far side of the court and hugh is getting picked on defend some drives defend some cross-court dinks ends up popping one up he retreats back switches around gets that ball back stays on the ground hits a third shot drop that lands perfectly in the kitchen then he gets up and hits a winner down the line.

Wow at number two is a clip sent into us by garrett unfortunately we don't have too much information about this one but they're playing in an awesome environment nestled in the city the lady closest to us smashes an overhead hits a nice redirect overhead and then this happens.

Behind the back lob to the corner to defend the overhead smash what i this is getting crazy guys finally at the number one spot we have another clip from the gold medal match 4.5 newport beach will mckinnon justin wu on the left side of your screen here's a fun fact for you will is 14 years old and was born on bainbridge.

Island where pickleball was originated it's an atp there but it was defended nicely but as you know will always gets his revenge here's a cross-court dink will runs around it and hits that inside out forehand atp winner and his partner goes crazy if you made it this far be sure to hit the like button and subscribe to the.

Channel this video will get seen by more people which helps the highlights get better over time if you have a highlight that you would like to be featured there are instructions in the description on how to send that in we prefer a youtube link that is filmed horizontally thanks for watching i'll see you in the next one.

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