this is the kitchen's community top 10 pickleball plays of the week i'm shea underwood if you want to be featured send us a youtube link let's get right into it at number 10 is paul mancini from georgia with a tricky reset adds a bit of english to that ball makes it skip away from his opponents leaving him.

Baffled at number nine is they clips it into us by james enzler gonna start the clip off with a third shot drop a little bit too high and a huge forehand somehow save he likes to go for the sharp angle which is handled pretty well that's a nice dig hits the neck cord pops it up he.

Graciously hits the net cord again finally a desperation lob and a beautiful overhead while hopping the corner will end the clip number eight this week sent into us by david wells playing at a gorgeous court apparently this is the palmer mel pickleball memorial court wrapping both selkirk and gearbox in the background.

Somehow resets that ball and then lets his partner get the next one strap in and enjoy this one it's a long point eventually a ball is left a little too high leads to a speed up and a cleanup nice clip we're getting a little creative for number seven tony borg going to hit a.

Tweener cross court dink winner what a shot at number six is brady out of seattle switching up the camera angle on us and giving us a view from down low there's an inside out forehand and some awesome defense from the far side handling everything that comes their way with ease two-handed backhand dugout locked.

Into the air slammed down and then dug out one more time that dink's a little too high leaves through a speed up and a nice reset one more speed up and that one's lobbed up slammed down now we've got two guys on the same side of the court they decide to switch runs off the court to get that one and then finally a ball popped up a little too high put.

Away for the winner number five this week comes out of pearl city hawaii tammy tan and her partner tai taking on chad and xander some cross-court dinks between xander and ty to start us off before ty hits one a little too sharp of an angle xander atp is defended by tammy and now it's tammy's turn for her own around the post.

The atp block to the atp herself what a clip at number four is anthony caramonico playing in orlando florida starting us off with a wicked spin serve that results in a lofty short return elects to bring his opponent close to the net puts it past him somehow stays in and then a tweeter across court for.

The winner but check out this reaction zack patterson out of fort walton beach florida takes on the number three spot playing against danny werfel and his partner jennica zach flicks one of danny gets it by zach and then somehow pulls out the between her for a winner danny's nothing.

Disbelief but he does want you to know that him and his partner jennica did come back to win that game the number two spot comes from hoboken new jersey shawn and jesse taking on justin and griffin what happens next just doesn't seem like it should be possible but here we go sean gets pulled up close to the net.

Slammed down and defends the slam with a shot i can't even describe we need a name for this let us know what that should be called in the comments below for the number one spot this week we're heading out to newport beach 4.5 gold medal match and we actually have two clips the guy in the orange there will.

Mckinnon 14 years old will's going to run around this ball hit a cross-court deal with his forehand sam felton gets to it and hits an awesome atp but don't you worry will's gonna get his revenge he tries to lob sam sam gets to it slams it down will defends it and then attacks with the two-handed backhand.

Sam and his partner just trying to work their way back up to the net finally they get in there now a role reversal sam lobs over will makes him go back this one's successful but he handles it masterfully and then finally makes his approach and dominates with a two-handed backhand to win that point that's unreal if you made it this far be sure to.

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