Howdy welcome back to the kitchens community top 10 plays of the week hosted by shea underwood this is the number one clip from last week we have alex from australia sliding in to first place but is it better than the number one clip from this week we'll let you decide if you have a clip send it into the kitchen.

Highlights and check the description for more details on how to submit your highlights at number 10 we have chass howard from queens creek arizona playing at the beautiful pickleball facility in newport beach chaz may have been a gymnast because he jumps up doesn't split in the air and resets the ball before taking over and.

Winning the point his partner gets the crowd hyped and chas has no idea what possessed him to do that but they may have a future in synchronized diving check this out that's so good at number nine we have a clip submitted to us by martin from hong kong making his second appearance in our top 10.

Plays martin hits a beautiful drop from transition to let his opponent set him up where he sliced atp right into the corner perfect shot at number eight as they is eclipsing into us by john from dallas texas a beautiful display of defense here by nicole and mario on the far side of the court eventually nicole is going to hit.

A ball that barely dribbles over the net core gets taken out wide and hits a lovely two-handed backhand atp for the winner taking home the number seven spot is kareem de wood from flemington new jersey saying i see your atps and i'm gonna raise you one better kareem thinks it cross court gets a dig back and then.

Hits the most brilliant backhanded atp that you will ever see claiming the number six spot this week is drew custer from quincy illinois drew hits a spin serve and then drives the return back where are you going drew oh the 360 pancake no looker behind the back that makes a whole lot of sense and if that one wasn't clean enough for you.

Drew hits the exact same shot down the line that lands in balance for a winner or did it let us know what you think at number 5 is matthew navarra playing at the ppa tour stop in san clemente we've got a dink battle going on here lovely display of control before matthew hits one cross court and then finally sees his opportunity and huffs the.

Corner for a beautiful earning at number four is a clip sent into us by fourier from pick ninja sports they have the bird's eye view overlooking this lovely court closest to us is jason and jonathan elegantly defending a ferocious attack from anek and fourier but their defenses can't last forever as a ball gets reset a little bit too high that.

Results in a pop-up that sets up a disgustingly sharp angled earning patrick mcginnis takes home the number three spot this week with his second appearance in our top 10 plays patrick defends the speed up with a behind the back finds a short corner past his opponent man that was ridiculous.

The number two spot this week goes to a group out of willard ohio we have bryson and brian on the far side of the court playing against billy and jen on the near court this point goes on for so long there were 56 hits total in this rally and some immaculate defense on display from both sides.

Go go awesome point even had a tweener in there and then the paddle dropped out of pure exhaustion to wrap it up thanks for sending in the clip and finally at the number one spot is the masterful minister of misdirection.

Himself cepitar with one of the most unique shots that you will ever see in pickleball oh my god wow unbelievable play by seppatar there i thought he had no shot he goes with the inside out backhand ernie angle winner into the fence that's it for this week thanks for.

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