Welcome back to the kitchens community top 10 plays of the week hosted by shea underwood we have a great selection of clips this week and honestly this is our best one yet but i'll let you be the judge of that if you have a clip send it into the kitchen highlights gmail.com make sure to include the names of the athletes and where the highlight took.

Place but first a big happy birthday to minnie here in the green celebrating her 97th birthday with some pickleball happy birthday minnie starting off the top 10 it's chris edwards playing in london england gets the ball behind his opponent and then a jumping ernie with a little tag you're it i shot chris at number nine we have an incredible shot.

Coming from landing creek right outside of ocean city new jersey gets the ball past dean here who runs out wide and hits an unbelievable atp and this guy bobby he is just in pure disbelief at number eight is eduardo mendoza getting some singles practice in before the beer city open now check this out gets taken out wide for the atp but.

Instead flicks it back cross-court into the kitchen for a winter and then it just gets awkwardly silent so good we've got another singles point at number seven drew and claire out of quincy illinois getting some practice and underneath the lights and the drew hipster with the 360 no look pancake.

Cross court winner my goodness that was a mouthful number six belongs to travon kumar who's playing at what appears to be the ppa north carolina open in charlotte north carolina sets himself up here for a beautiful backhanded ernie that was clean at number five is eclipsing into us from charles made that might be the first review one i've seen.

Starting off with the third shot drop gets an ernie may have been a foot touch who knows atp saved now it's a 3v1 and the ball gets put away nice clip at number four we have jeremiah and malia matching in their white outfits let's see if that chemistry carries over onto the chords spoiler alert it does may have been a kitchen touch there but.

Who knows jeremiah gets taken out of frame with a nice punch from their opponents but gets back into it malia pops the ball up with an excellent dig they retreat back but then ball gets dumped off shore jeremiah gets there now they're both on the same side of the court but don't worry amalia to the rescue with a ripper cross court.

Incredible clip number three this week belongs to patrick mcinnis playing mix at the riverland ppa event i've never seen this before this one's crazy goes back hits a tweeter and then runs up and poaches off of his own tweeter unbelievable that is spectacular great job the number two spot belongs to sarah waste empowered pickleball.

Starting off with a diving grab barely gets that ball before it touches and then has the wherewithal to get out of the kitchen before volleying that ball back small hands battle breaks out before eventually getting reset and then a lob gets denied by an overhead before that ball comes back to this point might never end i'm not sure sarah hits the.

Ball down the line and then they lob again denied by an overhead but it comes back again sarah covers for a partner with the backhand poach and then finally pops it up and the ball gets put away what a cliff finally at the number one spot we have some pickleball from australia this is battle of the borders a state.

Competition between victoria and new south wales alex is giving his opponents a lot of court to work with and they make him pay by going down the line before he tweeters it going out of the frame and then makes a diving grab using that gem floor and then puts the ball away and let's have a thunderous rory awesome clip that's week four if you.

Have a clip send it in thanks for watching and see ya
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