Hey welcome back it's that time again week three of the kitchens community highlights hosted by shea underwood we have an amazing set of clips lined up for you this week with some controversial calls you'll see exactly what i'm talking about but first these clips are sourced from the community so if you have a highlight send it into the.

Kitchen highlights gmail.com make sure to include the name of the athletes and where the highlight took place starting us off this week is noah playing at the app plantation open in plantation florida gonna get pulled out wide here and slices the ball down the line that ball is called out what do you think the number nine spot this week goes to willy.

Out of louisville kentucky with some great hands awesome dig runs up to the kitchen speeds it up and puts the ball past his opponent with a backhand we've got a father's day special at the number eight spot this week chris dickert taking on his son davis at the alabama state games he gets the ball past his old man and the no look pancake shot.

Gets the ball back into play play continues on and eventually it goes out of bounds at number seven is set at the lone star classic in rock wall texas and i love what his partner does just looking at his paddle in the middle of a point not a care in the world sep is becoming known for his misdirection and you'll.

See why gets the reset and they dump the ball off right over the net more dinking cross court they finally take step out wide off the screen here he goes check this out what we'll assume that one went in nice shot sep not to be outdone though is matthew at number six at the ppa in newport.

Beach with his own inside out forehand look at that that is incredible amazing display of skill there the number 5 spot belongs to the robertson boys out of san marcos texas with their third appearance in their top 10 quickly becoming a crowd favorite these points just seem to never end so it's hard to commentate over but some.

Monstrous overheads takes one out wide incredible get to get the ball back into play and here's a little more controversy for you eventually this ball will go up into the air and an overhead smash puts that ball away or does it you decide matt minassi aka pickleball coach to the stars takes home the number four spot.

This week awesome get to start us off unfortunately we did not get the greatest quality for this clip but the quality of the play is exceptional you'll notice he's playing with the creator of the hbo show entourage doug ellen who dances around the kitchen and monasty with another monstrous overhead but somehow that ball gets back.

Unbelievable athleticism being shown here there's a higher quality version of this clip on matt's instagram go check that out for number three danny went back down to georgia for his third appearance in the top 10. look at this guy this guy is just a highlight machine starting us off with an atp defended by my call.

And then danny one more time behind the back unfortunately this one didn't work out too well for him but still amazing play the number two spot this week sent in to us from byron playing 4-5 at the app new york open i'm going to start off the clip with a little switcheroo to get that ball then the put away defended by.

A behind the back i don't understand there's so many behind the backs recently is there like a drill or something that i'm just not aware of either way i need to learn that atp defended brilliantly and then eventually a little too much effort puts that ball out of bounds incredible clip finally at the number one spot is elijah playing.

Singles at the new york open unfortunately we only see one side of this clip that's all we need to see gets a little crossed up here but times for the ball and gets it back into play that's unreal i don't condone diving for a ball but if you have to you're probably going to get into the top 10. thanks for watching send in those clips.

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Each week we’re collecting the best amateur pickleball points from around the world and putting them in a top 10! This week we’ve got some flashy shots and controversial line calls for you!

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