take it easy take it easy don't let the sound of your own words drive you crazy Jim had a post to the pickleball Farm yesterday labeled 10 truths about pickleball I think it's 10 lies let's get started right now one there are no first class first-rate pickleball facilities anywhere he goes on to give.

Some qualifications of what a first-rate pickleball facility is it's pictona and the better more quartz it's Del Rey have you ever been to Michigan have you ever been to Scottsdale Arizona it's a pickleball Mecca out there I will say pickleball is growing incredibly fast and it is incredibly frustrating for advanced players to find courts to play.

On two none of the major pickleball organizations prioritize the players false app does an incredible job of prioritizing the players Ken Hermann I know what you do and thank you plus senior Pros love the app who don't they like the PPA now the PPA does an incredible job of prioritizing the Pro players with bad contracts I still have.

No idea what I was smoking when I signed up for the PPA in December three many PPA commentators suck this is completely false John Davidson is amazing I like to call him the accountant shout out to my boy John how about The Golden Boy Scott Gordon he's devoted his whole life to pickleball and I really look up to him very good commentator as well take it.

Easy take it easy don't let the sound of your own words drive you crazy fourth Colin John's Ben John's brother is a vastly underrated Pro laughable I would go on to say if it wasn't for Ben Johns Colin Johns would not be playing pro I remember watching Ben John's play with his brother in Tampa no one was taping at this time it was like watching two.

Brothers fight over food at the dinner table Ben Johnson was so upset at him a good tennis comparison would be John Mcenroe to his brother Patrick Mcenroe one of the best to middle of the road I will say the pro pickable players on the PPA tour have like a posse it's like being back in high school again you try to talk to hot girl ask her out she says.

No she still does take it easy take it easy don't let the sound of your own words drive you crazy
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