off to the races here early tarashenko with the surf hewitt's looking for pace he gets it tara shank oh my goodness what a grab pump frasier about that point was done oh my goodness what a snack from kawamoto wasn't good enough.

Rafa hewitt has been the difference maker the first game of the weekend she might have been a little more timid with jitters but she looks comfortable here and she's taking big swings great pickups what.

Oh incredible vivian david keeping it alive bad drops are probably not they all get out after that even with well giving them a little point like yeah this is a tennis match here.

whitwell fended off 20 dinks to earn that chance beautiful job by the fives get back in.

Here oh with insane defense to tie this game up at 20 not a sound was made that entire rally check taylor that's gonna drop dangling the short ball again.

best point of the match so far what an atp corrine car sneaks that one behind eric lang what'd you like about this that was incredible and now taylor getting animated.

Scoring once we get to 21 or 20 excuse me now going to happen for sure on both sides welcome to the pickleball stage lee whitwell.

On the earning megan fudge not giving up without driving what a great job of playing defense here she sees it she backs up is able to put that ball back in play that point seemed over but chimera said no no david's one of the most confident players on tour that's for sure.

Oh my god vivian david wow wow that was awesome you got to think jw johnson's even like that was awesome yeah he's showing no emotion right now i don't know if he's saying that was awesome or how is she so good.

Sacrificial lamb out to a 7-5 start and they're cruising right now that's tough what a gift from red meyer two times says he's still learning i don't think so travis renmeier stealing the show earning a standing ovation from the fans.

Inside the unforced error oh what defense from the lions wilson wasn't going to lose that point what just happened i mean that's unbelievable that's twice.

That they've got into points like that and wilson and the lions have come out on top andre desk who was doing everything he could
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