Tom Brady on a hunt for another title in pickleball the seven time Super Bowl champ is the latest high profile athlete to buy a major league pickleball team and Larry he would more about this fast growing phenomenon good morning Lara phenomenon is the word Michael yeah pickleball used to be considered a great way for seniors to still enjoy a rocket.

Sport without high impact on the body or as much Court cover Court two cover It's a combination of tennis ping pong and a little bit of badminton if you will but don't let the light ball or the light paddles fool you it's intense and becoming the hottest sport to play or own a piece of the fastest growing sport in America now.

Has a football icon hitched to the bandwagon I've been trying to find a way to extend my professional sports career beyond my 40s even in my 50s 60s 70s as long as I can't right and I think I got the answer seems like everyone else has the answer too pickleball overnight Tom Brady announcing he's becoming a major league pickleball owner you know how I.

Do a competition right I love that it's become such a popular neighborhood sport it's a great way to get out of the house but I'm coming to win I'm coming to dominate the sport Brady's team will be co-owned by former tennis star Kim klysters and a Cadre of investors Sam and I are very competitive and you know we both come from professional sports.

He's still in it and so we have that competitive Spirit really excited about the team that we were able to combine gliders and Brady are two of the estimated 4.8 million pickleball players now in the U.S and as pickleball team owners join a distinguished list of stars including LeBron James NBA star Kevin Love and football are Drew Brees.

For me it was was a no-brainer when this investment came in front of me it's a sport that is fun it's exciting especially when you're the four of you are up close to the net and having good rallies and everything like it's exciting a great hands battle Brady and kleichers expansion team is expected to be 50.

Female owned Major League pickleball plans to expand from 12 teams to 16 and bump its prize money payouts to over 2 million dollars I do see the the sport growing because of how much quicker the learning curve is to play and 10 is sometimes movement is key in pickle there's not as much cord to cover so which is a big thing.

Potentially for older players whenever the 45 year old Brady does decide to retire from football he's reportedly got a huge deal with Fox for football broadcasting but like many Star athletes he still needs an outlet for that competitive spirit I do think a lot of these celebrities and athletes are saying maybe it doesn't cost zillions of.

Dollars like some of these other things and they they see some potential impossibilities in it that's right Tom Brady and Kim kleiser's MLP team is set to begin playing next year and teams are popping up all over in Connecticut where I live there are clinics and leagues and so many people including myself using tape or chalk to make their own courts.

It's super easy you buy a net and a paddle on Amazon a couple of paddles four paddles actually and you're ready to go whatever you do though guys don't hang out in the kitchen you know what I'm talking about if you played right no I do what is that a pickle reference Insider Pickle Talk everybody also you need a good dink a good dink shot will.

I'm gonna need you to explain this in the commercials and all those are reasons why the very term Major League pickleball is kind of weird and you play one time George and you'll be hooked yes it's funny to watch people play that's actually my favorite part reaction they have to be it's a lot of.

Fun I love it stay out of the kitchen everybody all right thank you well hey there GMA fans Robin Roberts here thanks for checking out our YouTube channel lots of great stuff here so go on click the Subscribe button right over right over here to get more of Awesome videos and content from GMA every day anytime we thank you for watching and.

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The NFL legend has become the latest pro-athlete to become a Major League Pickleball owner, co-owning a team with former tennis star Kim Clijsters and a cadre of investors.

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