Welcome back to the big Saturday show the pickleball craze is heating up that's right the backyard and beach game you play with your friends or somebody does is now getting some big time sponsorships Tom Brady and LeBron James with purchased pickleball teams which could help Propel the sport to more popularity.

Here's the seven time NFC champ sharing his excitement for his new team look I've been trying to find a way to extend my professional sports career beyond my 40s pickleball I'm super excited to announce that I'm officially joining the MLP family but I'm coming to win I'm coming to dominate the sport all right pickleball let's.

Go okay so uh for everybody that doesn't know about this I did a little research it's a fake sport it involves a wiffle ball and a ping-pong paddle and you take over a tennis court a perfectly good tennis court and nobody watches um so Dr Sapphire um the way I look at this this is a plot to take over the.

World come on for people who love tennis this thing is terrible so right first of all uh pickleball is a No-No in the sapphire household my husband and I big tennis players my husband did like four hours of tennis and then he was coerced to play five minutes of pickleball and within those five minutes he blew out his ankle it was terrible and by the way.

Let's not make Americans fatter okay I think that people should continue to play tennis you need to run around the whole court and just like Tom Brady said the only people who should be playing pickleball are people with chronic injuries or maybe who are over the age of 55. if you're under the age of 55 and you don't have injuries you need to move.

More let me tell you all right I think we have some video of Jordan spife playing uh some pickleball do we have that there we go look at this okay Alicia you've got all these Mega Stars right out here playing does that make you want to play okay so in all honesty I had to look it up and go this is the one with the racket right so small I.

Would love to be able to defend it it's like I'm just less than half of the size of a tennis court you don't move I don't know yeah you're not gonna get any exercise doing that uh you know now if you if you co-opted pro wrestling and made that part of pickleball I would watch it that would be good I don't know how that.

Would work okay first of all dear sweet Tom Jefferson Brady you really hate going home I understand it's rough so I get it I invest in stuff too um you know but we've seen this with cornhole hey look anything that gets people outside I'm with it I want to know how much these franchises are they.

Either they're really expensive or these guys are really opportunity the four of us get together maybe bring one to the Jersey Shore a little pickleball that would be exciting get some personalities out there you got to do it like to do darts in in England and stuff where it's a whole thing there's costumes you can add the wrestling out here's how we pull.

It all together we're wrestling up the entrance of the Pyro and everyone Cuts cool promos about what they're going to do when pickleball comes for you and like all that good stuff and then the game starts and then everyone gets something to eat and they just go like this because it's not yeah there's not enough movement it's fat tennis that's.

What it is that's what it is what's that tennis but it's it but if you get you off the couch and your phone because even if you're moving like a Cha-Cha hit and you gotta wait for the other guy and the other guy that's a whole lot better than sitting on the couch eating Cheetos watching 24 hours of reality TV low bar I think they ought.

To bring back Hopscotch remember that that was a really good game I mean there's another game called badminton remember that that actually we have a bad Mitten and volleyball is what about the tetherball remember that thing I was undefeated First Years in school for that because I was taller than everybody else and I would just oh no Napoleon.

Dynamite yeah I think if you came in with a chair and smashed uh Tom Brady over the head with it while he's playing pickleball I'll get a flag for roughing hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest interviews and most compelling analysis you will not get it anywhere.

‘The Big Saturday Show’ panelists weigh in on the growing number of celebrities purchasing professional pickleball teams.
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