all right guys welcome back to armchair QB part two of course I have my other QB I've got an arm chair and another QB my boy BG Blaine G that's part of uh our great show so we've got some great questions um and I think part of it is we've got a lot of people that have been interested.

In writing in questions for us and I think part of it is let's see what they got to say and we're here to give great advice everybody likes to give us advice usually on Mondays after we play well or don't play well so we're here to give people a little taste of their own medicine I like that all right you ready.

Yeah all right so question number one and I think part of this whole is is seeing these great postcards from Florida phenomenal consider that we're both Florida residents now Florida the greatest state in the country even though I'm from Missouri originally but hey man I'm from California it's quite different than.

Here in Florida but I'll take it okay here we go hey Tom why don't you do this Blaine's going to read it to me hey Tom slash blame I'm not looking for advice but I saw you just got into pickleball who would be your partner if you had to choose a teammate past or present thanks from Roger in Gainesville great question great this is really important because.

I'm always looking for a good pickleball teammate I think the one person I certainly know that I would not choose would be Ryan Griffin because there's nobody that that pumps up his own pickleball abilities like Ryan Griffin so Griff we love you you're out you're out so who I would choose.

Just based on Raw Talent ability quickness size speed length athleticism Mike Evans loves basketball athletic agile yeah long yeah stud so great question thanks Mike it is all right question two all right here we go Tom what's up I got a bad habit of looking at my phone before I go to bed I heard this isn't good for your eyes.

True and can ruin your sleep yeah what do you know is this true do you fall asleep right away or do you have a special routine any advice you're amazing from Lisa Lisa I have no advice because I have the same problem I'm too damn busy I got too much going.

On we're trying to you know get everything done during the day but just don't get it done during the day so you know what we all got to learn to deal with that now I wouldn't tell my children that I would say put the iPads away and put all that but sometimes as a parent do as I say not as I do right I do the exact.

Same thing but Lisa do not disturb is your friend do not disturb Lisa you're not Disturbed go ahead Blaine question three question three from Jessica in Plant City Florida love the manatees Tom what is your view on the mullet is it back in style was it ever really in style.

I personally love the mullets business in the front party in the back and being from Florida you see some pretty great mullets around here and I I totally disagree I mean the the mullet was never out of style very true so how can I come back in style when it's never been out of style Jessica actually had a mullet about two months ago until I finally.

Decided to be clean shaven and it looks pretty good let me tell you a quick story about Blaine Blaine has an amazing head of hair okay Blaine doesn't cut his hair shows up in the middle of July for training camp his hair is down to basically his shoulders it's hot we're in helmets he goes through the entire.

Month of August with long hair in his helmet he goes through the first couple weeks of September is 95 degrees out what does he do once it starts to cool off he cuts his hair chop chop explain that makes no sense I get one haircut a year and I don't know why I just don't like getting haircuts and I take it to the.

Point where my wife says you look homeless and then naturally I get it cut I just think he needs a transition from what we call a summer cut short to more of a winter cut now which should be longer he's on the opposite program but knowing Blaine for the last three years I can understand that he does some things a little different than the rest.

Thank you very much for joining us on armchair quarterbacks part two we love being with you we can't wait and we look forward to the next time we get to enjoy these wonderful questions we're learning about ourself we'll learn about our fans hopefully we're giving you a little bit about what you want and certainly is a great pleasure for us to be with you.

Thank you
Bucs quarterback Tom Brady is joined by quarterback Blaine Gabbert to talk pickleball, mullets and sleep habits.

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