Are you tired of missing your third ball drops here's one of those common reasons for you're missing your third ball drop the first reason is you're getting your serve you're getting stuck moving back off the drop because you're not getting yourself behind the Baseline enough so what you're going to do is you're going to surf get back then move forward into.

Your drops let's do another one here sir get back move forward into those drops one more so there's my momentum here for my power we're back move forward and that one I missed there but you get the idea rather than using just your arms you're using your body which is going to give you more control because it's a bigger lever easy to control that if.

You're flicking off you're going off balance you're going to really struggle and I'm teaching my clients I always say guys if you have poor balance you'll have poor performance so the more balance you can be the more effective you can be also if that ball goes short you covered it you just go back and move in it's only too much the strides if you.

Get caught stuck into the into the actual base on the transitional Zone that deep return you're not covering so you're going to make a lot more errors