Foreign are you tired of hitting that ball into the net in this video CJ and I are going to show you a technique that you can start using today to stop hitting so many balls into the net I have the Good Fortune today having my good friend and top coach CJ Johnson that you may know from the better.

Pickleball Channel as well as we are pickleball and CJ is going to help us discuss one of the biggest errors that players make coach what's one of the biggest errors that people complain about all the time but they can control I know they keep trying to challenge you the best player in pickleball and no it's not Ben Johns.

The net is 100 unbeatable and so coach what I'd like to do is share with the players out there the concept that we we've been talking about with our students which is that clock technique right so we're going to do is coach and I are going to show you the clock technique and how you can use it to stay away from this net the way to use the.

Clock technique is first thing you got to do is you got to think of this ball as a clock as it has you know 12 all the way back around to 12 again and what happens a lot of times is pickleball players do what coach TJ What do they do where are they hitting the balls they're hitting the ball at three and over at nine nine o'clock and three o'clock.

Folks what happens then is you're risking the net because you got to brush up on that ball what we're going to show you here is to hit the ball around 4 30 and 7 30. that'll give the ball The Loft that it needs to get over this net avoid the net folks and you're going to play better pickleball coach TJ and I are going to show you some dings first I'm.

Going to dink the ball at that nine o'clock or three o'clock you know that basically that flat dink or that straight Dink and what you're going to see is how the ball is going to travel I it barely clears the net right because I'm hitting the balls at nine or three and Coach TJ is doing the same thing so we're hitting the balls like that you.

Can see those balls are staying low and like a line drive let's see what it looks like when we go to that 430 730 approach and see how the ball will go up and down over the net it'll go up and down over the net so you can see how these balls are traveling in an upward Arc and clearing that net nice and calmly on these things and what we're.

Doing is by hitting it that way coach CJ and I are both not risking the best player in pickleball now coach Tony one of the questions we get asked a lot and it's a big misconception around pickleball is gee I cannot hit a dink that high because I'm going to get attacked with the shot that is such a common misconception and you know we've.

Said it a thousand times more you can watch the best players in the world play the pros play their balls are nice and high over the net because they don't mess with the net but I'll show you as an example this is a Franklin x40 regular Florida conditions here if I hold the ball up this high and let it bounce it doesn't clear the net folks.

From there this High it doesn't clear the net and no one is saying to dink it that high so hide over the net is not what's starting your game if you want to make 2023 your best pickleball year Bank of the ball like a clock and start hitting the shots 4 30 and 7 30. definitely help your games and if you want to know what's really hailing your.

Game high depth everything else it's all inside the pickleball system I'm gonna put a link below join us for the next class and you'll really change your name meanwhile check out this playlist of CJ's best videos and keep working at it
Want to win more games? Take the net out of play with this technique. It is the same technique the pros use to make sure their shots do not end up in the net.

This is Tip No. 1 of our Top 10 Pickleball Tips for 2023. Add these to your game and raise your level of play.

When you are ready to really break out, join us inside The Pickleball System.

0:00 Introduction to the pickleball error
0:54 The Clock Technique on where to hit the ball
1:33 Demonstration of the pickleball error into the net
1:53 Demonstration of the clock technique to avoid the error
2:15 Is it the ball too high that is hurting our shots?
2:50 Use the clock technique

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