Hi coach Maddie Klein here from pickleball minute please subscribe on YouTube look us up on Facebook and please look up free pickleballlessons.com that's right free today we're going to go over the spin serve I know I've done it before but we're going to do it again this serve is really good because when it hits it.

Kicks off and it jams the body it does great on a right and a left-hander you want to be back about two and a half feet Point your left foot towards the middle of the Court keep your head down drop the ball right about here and then go down to up so down to up when you make the contact.

You must be going up with the paddle at the point of contact up oh notice how I finish up here that gives me some depth and some height now you're going to see what it looks like on the other side where the ball hits and kicks enjoy the video pick a ball minute now my goal on this serve and any serve is to make sure I get it.

In you don't get it in good luck now you want to make sure that you're jamming that person out of there on the other side spin it into their body see how this is curving into their body look at that curve sometimes you can short it sometimes you can long it I shorted it make them come up.

Because once in a while when they start making a book on you you've got to change it like that this is a great serve but you need to practice this like crazy like every one of your shots so you can become really good at this game take care pickleball minute oh.

Good oh my gosh there's so much I know I wonder what's coming at me this time with his serves okay so this serve is for people that don't like their backhanded what where did that come from oh my gosh jeez.

On this episode of Pickleball Minute Coach Matty explains, there’s more than one serve in this game become creative and then practice so you can be proficient. The serve will jam into the body. You’re not going for the ace but you are trying to alter their return.
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