On its way folks here we go men's doubles finals nice clean flick by Ben Jones right there right down the line for the point that's got to be frustrating for Riley Newman knowing that he could get to a ball but because of the Court layout he actually cannot been waiting for an opportunity to say.

Tomahawk that was kind of a tomahawk well he'll just up for the left hand instead difficult to drive the ball in that position because Riley and Matt probably are gonna let that go I think that's exactly what we talked about him speed up at Ben Matt's ready for the one two one two exactly how they want to.

Play just coming in for you really nice point there Collins sliding off the court two or three balls okay I wonder if he just lets Matt take that backhand Maybe today a lot of in-game adjustments between.

These four players foreign drives makes you hit the we'll play the fifth end of the kitchen that's a great heads up play by Matt Wright right there working both opponents having them guess where he's.

Going to go with that Riley's and Matt's hands are so good that he doesn't mind putting those things there they trust that if they get sped up on they'll be okay unlucky Nick chord there Ben's on it and I'm surprised that Ben didn't speed up one or three or four dinks that I would have maybe like to see him flick.

Something and when Matt got his one opportunity he took it foreign balls bounce but if it's if it's gonna get a faster Point been in Collins seem to be there early on.

Leave there by Wright Newman foreign with the emphatic you gotta make a Split Second decision three errors in a row seems like they've got a little bit of a.

Recipe over here on the line hitting that shot but off the line Ben's hands are just too fast foreign timeout after those couple balls wow wow you know one thing I've noticed about Matt Wright and Riley Newman is they actually don't take.

Foreign Collins there for that ATP but just ATP game point number two for the Jones Brothers thank you a lot of patience by all four players right here longest point of the match for those of you out there watching.

Dinking is not dead oh these are taxing points from a mental standpoint folks I feel like Colin could hit that fourth so Riley's really got a lot of money you got it he's doing a great job.

Supporting Riley over there and finishing that's just too much ben Johns what defense from Newman and right even by my 11 10 2. game point number two John's Brothers Two game points for the new Newman right combo so far 10 11.

Great play by rally Newman right there it's really amazing they're in there for three four five not quite getting over because the returns being short due to the wind right there smart play 11 11. foreign too wouldn't be surprised if I see a good.

Third shot drive here and a little extra for Matt right there ain't going anywhere this game coach they're not quitting they're not quitting we got 11 12. there's a big first game mentally for both sides you know in a best of five foreign.

Filthy rallies was covered middle had to there little game point number five I think foreign Point here for the Jones Brothers foreign folks so we'd have a shift change got a friend with me here Clark from where are you from again Clark Baltimore.

Maryland Baltimore Maryland of course living in Saint Pete Florida and others to grab that first game oh yeah but you can win on that side that's the side people have been winning on today but when you can get that dripping from the brown Ben Jones and he's putting in some work trying to.

Control these points foreign too good from Riley still looks a little bit frustrated I'm sure he and right are but they've got to focus on just stepping it up in the second good unforced errors on the Colin Ben.

John's side by the way foreign that's one of those slower points one long dink rally towards the end of game one yeah yeah I love the energy and the fire that Matt and Riley are bringing I don't face until the very last second.

So it's to disguise where they're gonna go with it they're really going to their programs thus far and pretty much what we expected wouldn't be surprised if this goes five unbelievable I can tell you right now if Matt ride and running him had won that.

Point you would have had a little bit of a needle move on the energy and that could have been translated to a few two more points possibly oh it's gonna fall in only with the wind in your face does that happen clearly both thinking it's gonna go out show off his acrobatics at the end and.

Hop the kitchen line still got the footwork thank you just gonna continue to pick that spot out as time moves on in the Pro men's doubles final yeah no doubt Ben as you mentioned before and for any of the viewers not actually here on site.

It is fairly windy and there is what tends to side most of these players I think tend to play into the win versus uh with it all right folks so here's what happened three five rallies ago and Matt Wright gets the clean winner down the line against the win he can hit the ball a little bit harder and it's going to stay.

In whereas uh the Johns Brothers have got to be careful because their balls are gonna sail a little further manages to do it foreign thought it was going to trickle over but I mean great Precision from all four players I mean every dink is hit with such Ben's paddle okay.

Yeah yeah I mean so much Relentless aggression from Matt Wright and Riley 972 . I may have misspoken earlier wanted to clarify that Riley aunt's Brothers playing into the wind currently.

Foreign there with Matt right on the left side a big forehand finish yeah we all know too well yeah a little sorry not sorry Ben the second time that Matt Wright gets that clean winner down the middle and that cleaned that chess game really.

Smart game point number one store on Championship Court here at the Oasis pickleball Club so far so good Wright Newman have split games with the Johns Brothers It's one a piece heading into the Third small margin of error wow and that ball hung up in the wind a couple times you didn't even think it.

Was maybe going to go over the net but Colin getting the third and the fifth drop like that with this wind isn't thank you quite executing Newman and right to serve trust me too pictures.

Yeah I left the band left it a little too high there didn't you they're keeping Ben Jones honest on that side got them thinking which way is the ball gonna come so it opens up a few more ideas and angles for Wright Newman what everybody winning with the wind at their.

Back right now which was the opposite of the ladies yeah I think the extra Pace that the wind at the at the back of and now the Johns Brothers are certainly helping and giving them a slight Advantage especially with how aggressive both these teams like to play they are clearly just taking it to him.

Yeah game three Pro men's doubles final oh pin knows it's over before it is yeah it turns us back probably wanted to gotten hit in the eye or another unfortunate spot in time to get out of the way definitely that's a good adjustment putting Matt on.

The left side and see if you can go down the line on Colin trying to keep the ball out of the middle right now game point right here at 10-1 see if Matt and Riley can put some scoreboard pressure on the Johns Brothers during a couple points together here.

Game point number four I believe too good from Ben and Colin John said let's go up 2-1 make you guys work for it and they have you're into the fourth game here and that is a phenomenal angle from Ben John this challenge Brothers just rolled through game three you know Bond and.

Kind over there on that good side with the one that they're back for Matt and Riley this game if they want to survive send it to a fifth Ben and Colin looking determined to end it before if they can surprised we didn't see a finger wag on.

That one yeah I think they serve zero one two thank you wow everybody watching with baited breath wondering if that Ball's gonna go over after the other three.

Oh variety okay just a little too high off the Newman paddle and John sir back french fries on the scoreboard Ben frustrated still got plenty match to be played.

wow you gotta hit 15 winners to get up to get a side out of them yeah and Matt and Riley asking if everything's correct if they're in the correct spots as they'll receive a two one two and the net rolls their way that time it's tough enough when you're playing a team like the Jones Brothers for things.

To go against you just a little more difficult foreign Newman's face you're kidding me get out of here what a firefight Newman on the top side of that firefight for at least.

Foreign especially trailing in this fourth game which could be the final game you know maybe put them on their heels with their serves but it's just not happening right now foreign that's a great shot right there Riley and Matt to get the ball back here and.

It's a critical side out service opportunity foreign they're gonna have to get into the kitchen line at least make the Johns Brothers work for every point you know most people don't talk about this he's got these guys by 10 years.

Plus age-wise you know he's still in there fighting with the University of Michigan not too shabby of a background Ben uh it's gonna just Fallen wow just deep Riley actually thinks the ball is going to stay in it almost does but just sails nine seven two.

Not too bad I may have misspoken earlier wanted to clarify that Riley and Matt 567 impossible resets back and then it not go his way gotta love the energy yeah the positive self-talk right.

five one on real sequence all right another point for the Jones Brothers Great lead by Matt right there yeah a huge side out for Newman and Wright that's that chip oh it has no backhand yeah great playing for Matt and Riley and a little bit of.

Smack talk there at the end Colin just staying composed and yeah that's one interesting thing about pickleball is you can hear see feel your opponents how close in proximity you are to your adversary very unique about the game.

Incredible Point that's a momentum point right there I wouldn't yeah I would not be surprised at this time out here we go yeah in the fourth game can they send it to a deciding fifth for the next one yeah going just a little late on that last.

Ball a little high on his heels Matt Riley that's been doing yeah I'd agree and that's why we see a lot of players drive that third is so they can have an easier fifth foreign he's got the wind coming at him the.

Ball's floating he thinks it's out and it just lands in by a foot almost that's a good spot you know you give the middle up sometimes you want to squeeze a little you go out wide on those overhead just thought we'd get the ball back here at 791 foreign foreign.

I mean you're almost holding your breath just waiting for one of these scores yeah ladies and gentlemen grab the popcorn nine nine in the fourth oh let's get a late game timeout bye Matt and Riley Ben and there it is an aggressive
This is the Pickleball Highlights from Ben Johns / Collin Johns VS Riley Newman / Matt Wright – Mens Pickleball Doubles Finals Baird Wealth Management Texas Open Tournament Full Match Game Highlights – Held in Oasis Tennis Club, Rockwall, TX – Gold Medal Match

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