Good morning guys tony maritado here so one of the most common hand or wrist complaints that i hear from pickleball players and i experience this too is pain right at the base of the thumb so this joint right in here the base of the thumb it becomes tender it becomes inflamed even for me right now just kind.

Of touching and squeezing that gently i'll feel some discomfort in there obviously what happens is when we're holding the paddle depending on the direction we're going to get a lot of either traction or compression through that joint but the main thing that happens is when.

We get twist or torque that's usually where we get the most pain so a couple strategies that you can use try trying to relieve some of those symptoms what i like to do is if it's my painful thumb i like to take my other side thumb i put it right in there at the base and i just create a little bit of pressure i could try some ulnar radial.

Deviation in another video i'll put the link up here i explain what ulnar radial deviation is but i like to apply pressure it's uncomfortable but not painful and what i'm doing is i'm kind of separating the joint surface so whether it's osteoarthritis inside at the base of the.

Thumb or it's a chemical issue an inflamed inflammat oh my goodness i can't speak inflammation issue that you're dealing with we want to just gently kind of oscillate and create space in there another way to do that is simply to grab the thumb and again very gently i'm probably not even giving it two pounds of pressure.

Very gently create some distraction with a little bit of oscillation so i'm moving up and down while i'm distracting the whole idea here is we want to facilitate some separation we want to increase the fluid exchange try and bring the waste products out bring the nutrients in um my final one i'm going to give you.

Guys three my final one is to grab right around the wrist so i'm below the radius and the ulna i'm above the um base of the herb yeah i guess it's above the base of the thumb and i'm just creating a little bit of squeeze a little compression now we have rows of carpal bones these are the little kind of oddly shaped bones inside.

The wrist when i grab a round like this and i give it a little bit of squeeze what happens is those bones will separate will create some space and then i can move into flexion extension ulnar radial deviation i can do a little distraction so i'm pulling just gently.

All of this is simply intended to improve circulation loosen up the connective tissue get the joint ready for motion and then we go out and play certainly you can use heat you can use ice you can use other passive modalities to try and manage the acute symptoms but what i find is that if i start playing if i.

Start swinging the paddle and doing some things the pain should resolve if i'm on the court and the pain doesn't get better within a couple minutes i want to stop that that is my body's signaling to me to say hey we're not ready for this either you need to warm up a little bit better or we need to take today off or work on other.

Techniques maybe i'm going to work on footwork today and leave my hand and wrist alone but we have to listen to our bodies guys if you have more questions about injury prevention about pickleball about anything that a physical therapist can help you with just let me know i'll catch you on the next video.

Pain at the base of your thumb during pickleball can be frustrating. In this video I share a couple simple self treatment techniques to reduce pain and warm up the thumb and wrist.

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Hi, my name is Anthony (Tony) Maritato, PT. I am a licensed physical therapist and owner of Total Therapy Solutions. I have specialized in helping clients recover from total knee replacement surgery since 2002 and have created this video to help YOU. I am new to the world of Pickleball and would love to join you on this journey.

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