So that's what this video is about uh what is it unpredictable uh dangerous consistent nope underrated shot in pickleball yes and make sure you stick around till the very end of this video because we have a ball I was gonna say a bonus for you at the very end of the video a bonus a.

Bonus so what's the most underrated shot in pickleball the LOB so we're talking about doubles right now not singles but doubles and we're talking about the lob but not just any type of lob we're actually gonna be talking about the the dink volley lob now here's what this shot is not this shot is not a lob from the Baseline this.

Shot is not a lob from the mid court right here right you might be coming in you hit a lot from there and lastly this is not a lob off of the bounce okay all right let it bounce first and then I hit it here's two main reasons why we want to be unpredictable and so those type of lobs are very predictable shots that your opponent can easily read and if.

They can easily read it they're gonna have a good read on the ball and probably be able to attack the ball back at you it puts you in a tough place where you're probably gonna lose a point so that's when it's not it's not a lot of the Baseline it's not a lot but the mid court and it's not a lob off the bounce but what it is just so you have.

Real clear understanding is when you're dinking it's a lab where you're at the kitchen and the ball comes up high enough boom well you're actually gonna hit it out of the air and pull your opponent in a tough spot so over the next few minutes I'm going to talk about when you hit this shot how.

You hit this shot and where you hit this shot too so when would you hit this shot five different things to think about number one if your opponent in front of you is really short lob it over them number two if your opponent has a really bad overhead maybe something you identified earlier in that match or earlier when you were playing hit it.

Over them number three if you really want to make your opponents mad in Rec play lob them the ball sorry I had to say it because it's true a lot of times in recplay players won't like how much your lobby so you got to be careful on that because people might not like that but I'm talking more in competitive play where you're really really trying to win.

This is a good shot for that number four if you notice that the player you're playing against is leaning in on the kitchen line really heavy then this would be a trigger for you that you probably could hit this dank Lop because if you hit that ball out of the air now they're going from a leaned in position to hat and they're on their toes.

Potentially to having to back pedal and move backward to go and hit this ball and then the fifth time think about when you actually hit this shot is as the point develops so if you hit the shot right at the beginning of a point maybe there your opponent is still back to the Baseline and they're still at the transition zone they haven't actually.

Made their way up to the kitchen this won't work and here's the sixth one even if you're playing against a taller player or say a player who has good athletic ability I still believe this is a good shot if you watch top Pro players like Carol Dawson who's known for the lab or Elise Jones who does it a lot or even Matt.

Wright who oftentimes does the Lop you'll see that this allows them to my friend Dave Fleming who's a senior Pro and a legendary commentator talks about get ahead in the point because what it allows you to do is it allows you to oftentimes go from no advantage to a small advantage to which could lead to a bigger advantage and oftentimes big.

Advantages lead to Winners and that's what we're trying to get at the end of the day this video is brought to you by you know Selkirk Selkirk tossed me oh God I use stalker paddles oh gosh it's okay baby um self-kirk paddles oh gosh soccer TV love working with.

Selker this video is brought to you by Selkirk make sure to check them out if you want to get something from Selkirk you use my code it's like Selkirk I mean can I say it anymore how many times do I have to say soccer one more time selker Selkirk like Drake and Josh oh.

Here we go soccer all right back to the video now let's talk about how to hit this shot here's the principle you want to make the preparation for this shot look exactly like all the other dinks that you take out of the air okay so I'm here yeah okay so number one I'm down in The.

Stance number two I'm leaning in oftentimes my arm is going to be extended or slightly extended because I'm trying to take away time this is just a good principle for dinking but if you do this and show your opponents that you'll take balls out of the air it's more believable that you're going to hit this lob and throw them off especially.

If they too are leaning in and the third one is when you're in this dink battle and you've identified that the person standing right in front of you is also at the kitchen line remember if they're back at the transition zone or they're back at the Baseline it's not a good time to hit this shot because it's predictable they're already standing.

There they'll already be able to hit the ball back probably with Pace back at your face bars cha-ching all right so I'm down in a stance my arm is extended all right I've identified number three and my opponent is at the kitchen line boom and I'm gonna put the ball up into the air boom that was a good lob.

That here's number four for how to hit the lob right so the moment after I'm leaning again I'm down in The Stance I'm leaning in my arms extended I noticed my opponent is standing at the kitchen line which is a good space the moment after I hit this ball what I want to do is I want to take one step off the kitchen line one or two right so I hit boom and.

Then I take one step back the reason I want to do this is because if I hit a lop and let's say it was a terrible Lop I want to give myself more time and more space to be able to recover that ball if I hit a horrible law but I'm standing right here I don't have much time or much space to have quick reactions okay so I hit the lob I.

Take one step back so here's the next segment where do you hit the shot the one thing you don't want to do when you're hitting a lob is hit it to a place where the person in front of you or the person on either side of you where your opponent could hit a smash with their forehand on an overhead right so for example if I were to lob it here.

Out of the air to Tyler's this side of Tyler foreign ER he just pulled a muscle most players are going to crush that ball back so where am I going to hit this shot well I want to hit this shot either over Tyler's left shoulder or I want to hit this shot.

In a diagonal angle I want to talk over the right side player's left shoulder that one's a little bit more risky because this player right here back over here Tyler if this player yeah exactly this player's really good they could run back there and smash that ball okay so Tyler come back right here so as much as.

Possible I want this ball going to that corner because for Tyler it's really hard for Tyler to you yeah exactly to hit a ball with his uh backhand ish overhead so how do you actually work on this well number one you can work on it in Rec play but again remember you're probably gonna piss some people off can you use.

That word on YouTube absolutely I think I can right so be conscious of it um one of the first times I ever played pickleball I actually lobbed and older guys like 75 years old Jimmy was his name Jimmy fell down because he backped he didn't know how and Jimmy was a trooper though I got right back then we kept playing but be careful especially.

Playing with older people I know Mom I need to slow down my speaking I'm sorry I'm excited okay but one way to work on this that's helpful is if you're right across from each other because what you can do is you can play a little dinking game right and your and your partner doesn't necessarily know the lob is coming so you're just here.

Boom yeah you're just playing a regular game wow Tyler's better than me on that point right and so you know as you're playing this game right you played a seven you can go live you can speed it up but you know in your mind you're working boom nice nice nice Tyler just tried a tween.

Her I don't know if her other camera angle caught it but if it did let's do a slow-mo of that tweener because it wasn't very good so I told you if you stuck around to the end we were gonna give you a bonus a bonus for the bonus do you know what it is I don't but okay I want to you want you actually need it because if they.

Were watching this video and I don't know how many Clips you were in hopefully not too many but hopefully one hopefully one then you need to watch this 10 video series so basically I put it together um a 10 video series if you go to the description below you can click on the link and you can get 10 videos over the.

Course of 10 days that are beginner mistakes the pickleball players make it's free ClickBank below it'll come to your inbox if you want to learn another shot that will help elevate your game it's one of the really coolest shots in pickleball click this video right here or maybe it's right here or maybe it's right here.

It's right here swipe it's easier I'm just doing this alone yeah you're doing a great job go from the top okay I'll do it from the top all right that means that's the thing okay you need to be unpredictable meaning I hate that I was that was 250. that was.

Unpredictable okay do your best to dig it low okay I totally forgot to introduce Tyler and he's don't worry about it not a pickleball player okay turn to that camera and just wave oh gosh okay I should introduce them okay here we go it's not good okay those are really good.

Dicks no they're not that's the problem can you run further okay here we go real quick before I tell you those three things this is my friend Tyler I've known Tyler for about 10 years he's not a good pickleball player but he's here great pickleball player okay well he's here right now and he's a really good guy and I'm paying him about 100 bucks.

My presence is my present okay cool all right well Tyler's just not got a big ball I told you sorry I was too angry sorry sorry Mom sorry all right so I told you we were as well we're smiling.

I man I remembered all that only the third time it's been more than that
Of all the shots in pickleball, this shot is the most underrated one. Try it out with these specific techniques and let me know how it works for you!

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