Welcome back to pickleball Journey today we are giving an in-depth analysis on the backhand Drive make sure you stay tuned to the end because we're giving you four great in-depth tips you're not going to want to miss any of the information my name is Elisha I'm Justin let's get into it all right so we're getting right into the first tip for.

That backhand drive so I'm going to talk about body position to start uh first of all what I want to make sure I'm doing when I'm hitting a backhand Drive is I don't want to worry so much about where the paddle's going but I want to focus on my turn so the turn of my shoulders that's going to get my paddle where I need it to go so right away I turn my.

Shoulders and look where my paddle is it's back in position so that's the first thing to think about with body position the second thing I want to think about is my transfer of weight I want it always going forward so get that body the shoulder rotation and then make sure I'm transferring my weight forward I'm going to hit a couple of these here.

Elisha's gonna talk through them as I hit turning his shoulders and then turning them back turning the shoulders turning back and see how his weights moving forward as he does that perfect nice notice one other thing my body position uh each time I hit that a lot of times I've got my right foot out in front I'm coming through and then my.

Finish is up high here towards my other shoulder yep and as we go into these tips this tips and the future tips make sure that you're applying these things not only to your backhand drive but also your forehand drive both of these are all these tips are applicable to both forehand and backhand Drive yep all right so for our second tip we're going.

To talk about the lag progression okay when Justin gets in his position his buy position like we talked about before he's got the shoulders turned he's got his hips turned his body is completely turned and now he's going to move forward we're going to talk about four different uh four different body parts that we're going to be lagging along the.

First thing that's going to turn is his hips and then his shoulders then his elbows and then his wrists okay so make sure that you're not not swinging your arms before say your shoulders come through right so this is how it's going to look so he's getting in his body position he's his his hips are going to move forward first so as you can see.

He's going to extend his hips you see this movement here one seat starts to extend his hips now his shoulders are going to start to move forward once he extends his shoulders then his arm is going to extend and once he extends his arms then his wrists are going to extend through okay and one element that you can know that your elbow is bent is.

Making sure when you're in the back position this elbow is bent and then your wrists are also back oh where the butt cap of the paddle is actually forward all the way through your motion until we get to the ball and then we extend through okay so we're looking for the hips first then the shoulders then the extension of the elbow then the.

Wrist as we snap through if we get a lag progression so everything is lagging along in that progression then we're going to get a really solid whippy snap app to our backhand Drive okay it's as if I was swinging like a long uh thin piece of wood if I swing it as hard as I could you could see you would be able to see.

The flex in it and then it would snap at the end after I've extended everything through through the power of That Swing okay so what we're going to do here is I'm going to toss about three or drop three of them to Justin and you're gonna see this lag progression all right here we go nice one.

Two and three three Perfect backhands all right so before we get into our third tip if you guys could hit that like button we'd really appreciate it and even leave a comment below so for our third tip we're going to talk about the plane of motion of our swing so Justin already has a great plane of motion and.

We're going to um kind of throw a graph out um if we have kind of the X right or the or the X I should say is horizontal the Y plane is vertical okay we're looking for the paddle starting when we get in our body position let's get just in our body position we're gonna when he comes through the paddle is going to start.

Below kind of the X-Plane then he's gonna come up to the middle and then that's where he's gonna hit the ball and then he's going to finish higher in the X plane more vertical towards the wine so we're looking for a both driving horizontally and vertically a combination not just vertical and not just horizontal right because we want to.

Get through the ball as well as we want to create Top Spin by creating a vertical motion as well so I like to think of it as like kind of moving up a slight incline that's perfect just moving up uh you know a ramp that's very slightly inclined yep and and with paddles I mean we're we have a tennis background so we're used to Strings we.

Can get a little bit more vertical because it grabs the ball with the strings but with these paddles you know they do do a good job at grabbing the ball because of the technology that has improved but still not as much so you're going to want to put a little bit more horizontal motion into it than vertical but we still want to get a little bit of.

Vertical with it because we still want to create some of that TOP Step all right so I'm going to toss a few I wanted to get a camera angle on the side just to show that plane of motion here we go just one good two three.

Good we'll get one more good so again looking yeah go ahead real quick those first two I missed in the net and I was doing exactly what you said not to do don't want to go too horizontal with it sometimes I find myself if I am missing in the net I'm not brushing up high enough so especially when you're out hitting.

Drives make little adjustments to either hit it a little bit higher a little bit lower by either raising it up a little bit or going a little bit more horizontal that's great advice from Justin never always notice what you're doing and never make the same two mistakes in a row right keep adjusting until you feel like you got it right so.

Nothing is set in stone if you feel like okay something's a little off make those adjustments and experiment see what works but make sure that you're not starting too low but level the level of the ball we have the ball here we're starting maybe a paddle length below the level of the ball we come to contact and we finish a paddle length higher than.

The level of ball so it's a lot of horizontal a little bit of vertical and and now we're going to get topspin and we're going to get dry through the ball yep love it are you in Pursuit for the best paddle get engaged with engage see the description for 20 discount all right so now we're talking about for the last thing here is the paddle face so.

Two things actually we want to focus on we want to have our head down as we're hitting the ball but then as we're looking at the ball as we're looking at the face of our paddle I've got it lined up here this would I'd call this vertical this is I'm going to refer to as open and this referred to as closed so most of the time when you're hitting.

A backhand drive you want that paddle face slightly open the harder that you hit the more you close it a little bit so if I'm hitting some really hard drives here I'm going to have the paddle face a little more vertical meaning a little more closed if I'm going to hit it a little softer speed I'm going to lay that paddle face open a little bit.

More so that that ball is coming off that paddle and coming a little bit higher and know your speed right like if you're hitting as hard as Justin maybe around 40 miles per hour experiment with a little bit close it open it but remember the it ex expounds the farther it goes away right so you know one centimeter more open might be.

Instrumental like hype like maybe three feet versus two feet with one centimeter of open so when we talk about open and closed it's not like okay boom like this and boom like that it's very small increments so when you're experimenting with your shot and your backhand Drive make sure that you're starting a little open and if it's going out right close.

It a little bit and if it's going in the net open it a little bit and experience just Minor Adjustments minor adjustments
In this video, we give an in depth tutorial on how to crush backhand drives. These tips will certainly bring your game to the next level if you practice this on your own.

Thanks for watching! Our goal is to help you on your Pickleball Journey!

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