Oh my god i'm sure you're asking what the heck is going on here so this player right here is rob cassidy and this is neil mederotta rob is claiming that this team and neil in particular are asking the ref excessively if they're in the right position and if they are the correct server in order to stop any momentum.

Their opponents can get and to throw off the rhythm of the match so here we have a match between well-known rob cassidy who's arguably a top 20 pro pickleball player and his partner ryler de hart who's had success in the tennis pro tour and recently converted to pickleball and they are facing off against neil mederotta and.

Jerry coy who haven't had the success rob and the heart have had in the pro tour but rob and de hart are heavy heavy favorites heading into this match so keep that in mind because things get heated very very quickly so this event is the chicago shootout which i believe is technically an open division in which male and female players can both.

Participate and there is prize money on the line so these players are definitely giving full effort this is before the actual pro event so most of the pros aren't participating but rob cassidy and ryler de hart are one of the few pros who are and probably the heavy favorites to win this event so things start off smoothly here just like any other normal.

Pickleball match cassidy being very friendly with initiating a paddle tap before the match even begins basically beginning of the match here the score is 1-0 cassidy to heart neil serves and cassidy and hart win the point and get a side out and the opposing players ask.

score is now one to three cassidy de hart's still in the lead and they end up getting another side out and metarotta asks again how many points they have so cassidy and the heart still in the lead here scores five to four now medarata and hoy get the point getting ready to serve and ask again if they are.

In the correct position so this is where i start to notice that cassidy is getting visibly frustrated here score is now seven to five in favor of metarotta and hoy and they win a tight hands battle and we get a loud yell from boy and then rob hits the ball pretty hard.

Right back to them cassidy de hart down five nine now cassidy's serving and a ball hits the heart in the head and well is cassidy here is clearly agitated already pointing out how often the opposing team is asking the ref if they're in the correct position they end up losing the.

Next point but still have their second serve and they immediately ask the ref again for clarification right after cassidy calls them out on it yes cassidy extremely agitated here again these guys end up actually almost losing a point opportunity because they were.

Actually the wrong server in this case so by them asking if they're the correct servant they saved themselves a costly heir and madarata and hoy end up winning game one eleven to eight so onto game two now cassidy and de heart down 0-2 and we get a ball that just goes over the head of cassidy and well he's a bit shaken up.

i really couldn't understand what cassidy was saying in this instance so not exactly sure if he's just disoriented from that ball or if he felt the other team was head hunting but you can tell he's definitely shaken up after this cassidy seems okay after a minute or so and the next point here is about.

To start and the heart is ready to serve and mederata interrupts and asks the ref again if they're in the correct position cassidy and the heart going around here are up seven to two now medarata and hoy call timeout they're getting ready to come back to play and hoy asks the ref this time if they're in the correct.

Position and cassidy has a few words cassidy and the heart go on to win game two 11-4 and it's tied one-to-one game three just started score is 1-0 madarata and cassidy and heart get a side out and we get another question by the metarotta and hoi team.

Rolling here in game three after some unforced errors by cassidy into heart and before they serve they ask the ref one more time if they're in the correct position and then i thought this part was a bit interesting score here is three to two jerry hoy gets a nice winner right here and we hear a fan blurt out.

Cheetah jerry yes let's go so fan obviously seems like he's joking with metarotta and hoy playing along and most likely someone they know but it seems like this is a reputation they are known for and i guess people this tournament are accusing them of cheating to heart and cassidy get a nice point.

Right here down three to four and get a side out medarata again forgets the score and has to ask the rest here to go up 5-4 and again medarata and khoi ask the ref if they're in the correct position and if they're the correct server and they actually were the incorrect server in this case which would have lost them a point opportunity.

So keep that in mind the score is now five to five game three the heart and cassidy just got a point to tie the game madarata asks again and cassidy is now visibly annoyed right speed things up here after just asking before the last point they ask again before the next point are we good.

Side break here and changing ends hoy and metarotta up 6'5 now and this is where things go off the rails why would i listen to you on where i can stand they end up getting two more quick points and the score is now eight to.

Five and cassidy completely loses it by the correct receiver yes i figured i had it you guys are doing a good every job we have momentum you're gonna ask that's hilarious you guys are really good at vague annoying good luck you should have stopped.

Oh you guys are doing a great job you want it more oh you're doing a great job he said 911 oh my god.

is cassidy here completely blows up cassidy accuses them of unnecessarily asking the wrath to score in order to throw off their opponents at first when i watched this i thought cassidy's meltdown was a bit unhinged but after.

Reviewing the entirety of the match i do understand why he was so frustrated there were 11 times in this match in which neil mederotta and jerry coy asked the ref about the score and positioning two of those times actually led to them switching servers due to being the incorrect server so there is some merit to them asking the ref about court.

Positioning because they saved two possible faults on the other hand even if not intentional the excessive questions definitely interrupted the flow of the game and took the rhythm out of the opponents and i think another point to consider here is if you're going to stack like these guys did it's not the rest responsibility to tell you.

Guys if you are in the correct court position or server it does seem like the ability to constantly ask the ref questions can be exploitative to try and get in the opponent's head and in this case if that was their true motive it obviously worked here so what do you guys think do you believe neil medorata and jerry coy genuinely did not know.

Which server or court position they were in or were they exploiting a rule in order to throw off their opponents let me know in the comments and i hope you guys enjoyed this video
This match took place during the APP Chicago Open in the quarterfinals of the Chicago Shootout event between Rob Cassidy/Ryler Deheart and Neil Mediratta/Jerry Huo.

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