So a bit of controversy over this past weekend in the women's singles bracket of the ppa event that took place in brigham city utah in which salome de vita and catherine parenteau were competing in a quarterfinals matchup katherine being a pretty well-known singles player on the tour right now currently ranked second.

In the ppa tour rankings beyond annalee waters and then salome davitse kind of newer on the scene usually plays in the app events and coming from a tennis background when she played professionally getting his highs 254th on the world rankings in women's singles so davidse is kind of on the older side in terms of age but was quickly able to.

Climb the ranks in singles pickleball due to her experience in tennis she mostly plays back at the baseline and goes for passing shots and it's usually how tennis players like to play singles pickleball but quite an interesting matchup here because davidse usually plays on the app tour and katherine exclusively plays on the.

Ppa so you rarely get to see this matchup so first game here davidse serving down 1-3 she's on the closer side towards the camera it's a deep serve catherine's short return devitze hits a deep third and rushes the net catherine hits a shot wide very very close i mean did it hit the line i don't know but.

Certainly very very close but this is where the game gets interesting announcers seem to think that the ball may have been in a little close there wide i might need a replay on that one and catherine surely is questioning the call i mean this shot drew interesting parallels to a shot last week in which.

Davidse was playing in an app tournament event in new jersey against georgia johnson she's coming back from the back drawing the losers bracket so she ends up beating georgia in two games and that's the player in one game to 15. so in the last game george is down four to nine and just got some momentum with the great forehand.

Cross crosscourt that was nice great ball from georgia johnson she's serving davidson it's a deep return and then georgia calls it out and davidse is immediately challenged in the call so davidse is clearly upset here she thought the ball hit the baseline and if her opponent did make an incorrect.

Alcohol she has every right to be upset here i mean there's thousands of dollars on the line in this gold medal match visibly frustrated here and for what it's worth the announcer also thought the ball just missed the baseline it did look like it just missed that bass line david's a little upset about that call thought she definitely hit the line.

We're right on that bass line i do think it just missed i mean from the camera angle i don't know i honestly can't tell at all i was certainly very close but georgia looked looking very confused like come on can we just play like seriously so now it's five nine georgia is still very well in this match and serves davidsey returns georgia comes up.

To the net to get a cross-court forehand volley put away and well davidse calls it out i mean it's tough to see from our angle again from even even on the replay it's hard to see did look so like it probably caught the line but and this.

Looks like a horrible call and the vita even seems to call it out even before the ball hits the ground i mean the crowd very very upset about this call georgia was like come on are you serious ultimately davide goes on to beat georgia in the final game and takes gold and davidsay was the much better player.

Today so ultimately this call didn't mean much in the grand scheme of things but you can't help but think that it could have changed the momentum of the match so now going back to the ppi quarter finals match up here devite just doing a great tremendous job of just painting corners controlling points hitting line shots.

She has parenthood running basically all over the court i mean like this point here just an incredible backhand drive that dips right over the net just out of reach and parental there's another one too a backhand line down the line just out of reach of parento now the score is 10-6 the vidset davita is serving for game point some deep and heavy ground.

Stroke exchanges right here parentone hits one to the corner devite calls it out parento immediately looks to the rest to see if she saw it and she actually ends up overturning the call davitzi was already walking up the tap battles thinking she won but she has to get another game point right here no complaints out of her just walks right.

Back to the baseline and she eventually gets the win for game one eleven to six so now on to game two davidse comes out quick going up 2-0 and just ripping heavy heavy ground strokes and stares able to keep parental back and just controlling the points i'd take a time out here if she if she loses this point i'd go another timeout.

Beautiful backhand yeah i mean she's feeling it she's getting it so deep parento calls a timeout down 4-0 in game two devite is now up 5-0 and still serving parentoga's deep middle return but davidse pools are wide and catherine has a short return defeats another deep ball and takes a volley drop to the kitchen return and.

Parento able to get there and hits a nice two and a backhand but this bulls are completely out of the point and davidse has all this space to work with i mean look at this she has the whole court and hits a winner davidse obviously very happy about this point and then now davidse gets it up to 10-0 and perento actually starts making a.

Comeback she scores four straight points here and is attempting a nice comeback momentum is changing just a bit parento serving takes a valley out the air and takes another volley out there and hits a winner and yes she's excited i know you did call a comeback but she's katherine parento and she's she's a legend.

Yup she's feeling now there you go i love the fire she's not gonna go down without a fight so the score is now nine to ten perentos serving again divitse returns perento hits an inside out forehand right on the line tying it at 10. she's completely pumped the announcers are amp that's disgusting.

And now it's 10 to 10. perento ready to serve hits a deep ball and devite calls it out parent immediately looks at the wrath the rest like i didn't see it looks at the other ref and he's like i couldn't see it perento visibly frustrated about this call you can see in her body language she's just like whatever davide ends up winning game two.

12 to 10 and advances to the semifinals davidson goes on to the semis to face leia jansen you'll notice something strange right here in which two extra refs are right in the back and then two refs are off camera like in this area and you might be wondering hmm why are there four extra rests for this match and.

My assumption is that jansen requested them for this match specifically which is kind of interesting my guess is that parento told jansen about some of the tight calls in the quarterfinals match with de vitse and because parento and jansen usually play doubles together she gave her this advice so the rest were pretty much a non-factor up until this.

Point in the match janssen up 9-7 serving davidse returns jansen hits down the line davidse cross court forehand and it's called out by janssen and she just says just why davidse thought it was in looks at the ref at any point saying it was out and you got some fans in the stands giving their opinion saying.

As they say it goes to the ref and it looks like it was just wide and i mean looking at it from this angle i don't know kind of looked in maybe hit the line but it certainly was close and jansen ends up winning this first game 11-7 so the refs ended up not being a significant factor in this matchup only having to make a couple calls here and.

There jansen ends up winning the second game 11-7 as well and wins the match to head to the championship against annalee waters but this brings up an interesting topic which is what should professional pickleball do about line calls i mean should they add more refs to make or overturn calls or should they continue to let players decide on calls i thought.

This was an interesting story and it really hasn't been talked about much but would love to hear some of your comments on this anyways though thanks for watching guys
A Pickleball event that took place in Brigham City, Utah known as the Club Tournament of Champions powered by Selkirk had some interesting drama in the Womens Singles Bracket


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