Hi welcome to brionne's pickleball my name is jordan briones and in today's video we're going to talk about something that i think a lot of players get wrong so stay tuned this is super important now let's jump right in all right so in today's video we're at the pickleball kingdom in chandler.

Arizona and we're going to be talking about the return the return is obviously a very very important part of the game and i see a lot of recreational players and intermediate players and even some advanced players doing what i'm about to show you and it's really doing them a disservice and putting them in a really tough position early on in the point all.

Right so first we're gonna show you exactly what you shouldn't be doing and we're gonna talk through why and then we're gonna also show you exactly what you should be doing and how it's going to actually make your game a lot easier to play.

All right so like you saw in those videos i am hitting you know some good ground stroke returns but the problem is they are hit very very hard and sometimes landing short so then from that point katrina could just hit a third shot drive and catch me you know in that transition zone when i should be all the way up to that non-volley zone.

So i see this happen a lot players are hitting their returns exactly like they would hit a third shot drive and what we're gonna show you today is your return should be a little bit different so instead of hitting so fast and hitting like an actual ground stroke we're gonna go over today how to slow that ball down give you a lot more loft.

On the ball and in turn that's going to give you time we need time to get up to the non-volley zone line and get our feet set and split steps so that we can be in good position to handle their third shot now they may drop it or drive it or lob it but we need to get in a good position close to the non-volley zone line and.

Set and position the well now that is the goal so here we go we're going to show you a couple examples of that all right so like you saw in those examples i'm aiming really really high above the net trying to allow that ball to get the most hang time as possible because on.

Your return the biggest thing you want to be thinking about is position it's not about how hard your ball is hit obviously depth is key but even if you're striking and returning the ball really deep but you're returning it really really fast you're going to get caught at times you know somewhere in that transition.

Zone especially if the serving team are bangers or they like to drive the ball and they drive it really well okay so again what i want to focus on is the height on that ball and depth as well so i'm here okay and remember as soon as that serve is coming i want to see it early and i'm deciding if i.

Should go forehand or backhand as soon as i make that decision i make my turn here and then let's say the the ball is right here then i'm pushing through this ball and then i'm lifting up on it and then i'm coming through okay so that's what it's going to look like so right here boom here lifting.

And coming through the ball at the same time on my backhand you probably saw that the same thing coming here i'm deciding it's on my backhand and you can see my body momentum everything is coming through and my paddle is angled up so that's the key you are going to have a little bit of slice typically on.

Your backhand but we want to lift it in an upward motion and push up and lift it up so whether you're a singles player or a doubles player this applies for both but just in general for doubles play there's not that much benefit for ripping your return back okay you really want to just return deep and get you and your partner.

In a good position so that you are up at the non-volley zone line and you know you're there you're set early and then you can attempt to counter attack if they you know drive at you or you can hit kind of a block into the non-volley zone or whatever shot that you want to hit okay remember the return is about getting as.

Close to the non-volley zone line as possible and getting into a good position with our feet all right so if you really take these things into consideration and you can also do this in your game it's going to be a lot easier when you're dealing with players that love to drive the ball or.

Whether they drop it that's okay too but our biggest thing remembers position position position okay when we are the returning team our best bet and the most offensive position that you can be in is up at that non-volley zone line so remember let's return let's keep that height on the ball give yourself the most time get up to the net and get.

Ready for the drive first always be expecting a fast drive and if they dink it or hit something else you have adequate time to get ready for that as well so hopefully you really enjoy this video thanks so much and we'll see you in the next one all that i know.

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For watching and we'll see you in the next one cause you're in my space
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In this video, we talk about the return. The return is arguably one of the most important shots in the game. If you can’t hit good quality returns, then you will put you and your partner in a very defensive position right away. Learn how to avoid this and fix this major problem today!

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