This one pickleball tip will transform your game literally do you want to know the most underutilized opportunity in pickleball that can transform your game completely we're talking about pickleball return of serve hitting an effective return of serve and pickleball is critical to your game's ability to earn side outs and as a result get the.

Serve back so you can once again score points but how can you master this serve well let's figure it out in today's video hello and welcome to Pro pickleball media your number one spot for all pickleball content in today's video we're going to explain the basics of pickleball return of serve along with tips and tricks to improve your game now.

Let's get right into the video The Return of serve and pickleball is just as important as these serve as the same purpose as a serve your game strategy should be to get to the net and reliable good return of serf would be deep and ideally to the weakest point of the receiver or best considered position on the court a good way for a beginner to.

Return a service to hit a soft looping shot that lands close to the T on the backhand side of the server this Canon often does make it hard for the player to figure out who will take the shot it also keeps the other team from taking a quick shot a good serve is a great way to score a lot of points in pickleball but the return to serve is almost as.

Important return of serve rules there aren't too many rules about the return of serve but a serve that lands in the right service box must be returned by the right return of server after one bounce this return of server can pretty much be put anywhere but how do you hit the return of serve the following are five tips for hitting an effective.

Return of serve in pickleball that will tilt the advantage in your favor one position yourself when returning a serve stand two to three feet behind the Baseline this is one of the most common mistakes we see especially when we watch people who are just starting out or are in the middle of their learning the person who returns to serve usually.

Stands just behind the Baseline maybe an inch or two back so a deep serve will Jam the return of server and force him to hit the return as their weight moves backwards instead you want your weight to move forward for a good return number two return and run we also see players make an error when they don't get the non-volley line after the return of.

Serve and rallies are one at the line where you can't hit the ball don't let the team that is served Urban gain this Advantage by not following a return to a non-volley line if you can't get all the way to the non-volley line after the return and before the serving team hits your next shot the third shot remember to split step just before your opponent.

Hits the ball number three slow down your return to give yourself more time to get to the non-volley line faster the ball comes back the harder you hit it so if you hit a return with a lot of speed you probably won't be able to get all the way through the transition zone before the serving team hits the ball so you'll probably be stuck in the.

Transition zone which makes it harder to make shots number four cut your return so it stays low when you hit the ball with different spins you give your opponents different challenges nothing is different about the slice return When you slice the ball back it stays low to the court making it harder for your opponent to get their paddle under the.

Ball enough to drop or drive it number five put the ball deep in the court and in the middle of the Court it makes the serving team shot longer and harder and it keeps them farther from the non-volley line where they'll be able to get a better position on the court when you hit the ball to the middle you reduce the chance of making a mistake on.

The return serve and the two players on the serving team may not know who would hit the third shot it also cuts down on the angles that the team serving can use to their advantage but before we talk about more tips please take a second to like the video and subscribe to our channel so that we can keep bringing more informative pickleball content to.

You your little contribution means a lot to us now let's cover some more tips tip number one learn the different serves so you know how to return to them Sun Tzu says know thy enemy in his book The Art of War since pickleball wasn't invented until 1965 an Art of War was written about 2400 years ago it's safe to say he.

Wasn't talking about returning serves but the idea is still the same if you want to get better at pickleball you need to know what you're up against in pickleball there are three main types of serves one high quality soft serve two served with power three served with a soft angle the goal of the high soft service to hit the ball that curves high.

And deep into your opponent's Court making them move and possibly lose their position this should set up a third shot that lets the team serving score the power serve is fast deep and on the ground it's harder to pull off but it can force your opponent to act quickly and make them more likely to make a mistake the goal of these soft angle.

Serves to get your opponent off the Baseline and make a path for your third shot now then you know that each of the three main serves is trying to do well let's talk about how to return them tip number two return the bald deep no matter what happens in the first few shots and volleys most points are scored when everyone is near the net so when.

You return to serve you should try to get it close to the Baseline of your opponent this makes your opponent stay back longer than they want to and it also gives you a chance to move up to the kitchen tip number three returns that are both high and low first glance it might seem like a mistake to return the ball high.

And soft but if you give the ball enough curve and send it deep your opponent will lose any Edge over forward momentum they had also as tip number two said the goal is to get to the kitchen getting a high arching served back gives you plenty of time to do that tip number four put yourself in a strong spot for a strong pickleball position you and your.

Partner if you're playing double should stand on the non-volley line with your feet even and ready to move if you follow the tips above it shouldn't be hard to get into a strong position as you get better at the game and learn your own strengths and weaknesses you can change what a strong position means to you tip number five use the corners.

Whether you hit the ball back hard soft deep or short shooting at the angles is the best way to throw your opponent off balance and put them in a position to make a mistake if you return your opponent serve right back to them you might be able to use a strong forehand on the third shot which doesn't help you or your team score goals very much.

Instead look for the corn owners of the court and practice aiming at them over and over again tip number six make the other player use their backhand most pickleball players if not all like to use a forehand shot the backhand is harder because it's hard to control where the ball goes to use this to your advantage practice.

Returning your opponent's serve to their weak side for a person who's right-handed that is to their left for a person who's left-handed it's to their right tip number seven learn how to do Top Spin and backspin to get to the next level of pickleball you need to learn how to change where.

Your ball will go or how it will act when it hits the ground or another paddle you can do both of these by giving your shot some spin when the panel goes over the ball and Spins it forward as it goes back to your opponent this is called topspin the spinning on the ball makes it fall faster so it'll bounce lower or hit your opponent's.

Paddle in the wrong way backspin is the other way around for this shot you put your paddle under the ball and make it spin back towards you this makes the bottle curve higher making your opponent reach forward and lose their balance tip number eight try not to be too predictable it's important not always return serves the same way even if you.

Are good at the high slow deep Arc there will come a time in the match when you need to try something different when your opponent is taking too long to go to the kitchen after their serve is the best time to do this you can also watch to see if your opponent stands on the balls of his or her feet you can make your power and distance stronger or.

Weaker or change the angle you're aiming at tip number nine don't forget to have fun okay okay it's not really a tip to help you get more money back but you shouldn't forget that pickleball is a fun and competitive game many people want to go outside and stay active remember why you started playing the sport that we all love.

So what do you think about the third shot drop tell us in the comments also don't forget to like this video and share with your fellow picklers also if you love pickleball then make sure to watch this next video on our Channel thanks for watching bye
This ONE Pickleball Tip Will TRANSFORM Your Game Literally!

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