Thank you so it's all Compact and I'm ready for the countertop anytime the ball comes back I'm immediately ready because I'm only just snapping snapping down snapping down hey I'm Scott Moore here at Clear one sports in Orlando Florida and with high performance pickleball Academy today I'm going to talk about.

Volleys and basically what everyone does on volleys is they grip it too hard they swing too fast they lose control people are getting better you have to be ready for a 1-2 volley exchange not winning on one shot I've actually recently in spite of having lots of success over the years because the game has changed so much.

Changed my grip slightly when I'm balling from a pure Continental to a more of an Eastern grip turning it over where my palm is on top of the paddle and going from always having my paddle up to loading on my backhand side with a little bit of a wrist so that I can actually get more extension and power.

Rather than just only get that when I'm blocking down on the ball used to be I couldn't get any power from here and now I'm getting a little bit of a flick getting on people quicker and setting up my counter punch because when I swung through the volley I wasn't ready a lot of times for the ball coming back quickly and especially at the pro level.

Balls are coming back more and more even when I think I have a winner so what I've done again is shortened my swing my setup has gone and especially on my forehand where I'm not taking it back at all even on a high ball I'm just setting it here so just setting it here and trying to be more compact more concise over here so that I can.

Rapid fire when I get in the fire fights I'm ready boom boom and even to some extent playing with the pancake where I'm actually at times leaning in early when I know they're going to attack and trying to take that from this position the key to that is getting low so that you can go wherever the ball is and not get jammed if you're going to take it.

That far but mainly what I want you to do is keep everything compact let the ball come to you a little more I used to try to take everything out front and I was popping up with too many losing control so being comfortable with letting it here where I can get more pop just with a very concise motion and here same thing just a little bit of a pop.

Little wrist action used to be all locked everything was locked now it's a little tiny bit of a wrist flick to get that extra power get on that your opponent quicker than before so they're not ready and they'll pop up or have trouble handling that so that's just a quick little Bali trick you can do if you want to learn more go to high.

Performance pickleball Academy we've got everything you ever want to know in a video series very popular or come with us on one of our trips somewhere all over the world that we're teaching pickleball and if you like the video don't forget to subscribe to Cliff pickleball
No. 1 senior male player in the world Scott Moore began playing pickleball competitively in 2013 and has since gone on to win the triple crown—not once, not twice, but six times, 20+ USAPA Nationals and 12 US OPEN Gold Medals.
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