Hi welcome to Brianna's pickleball my name is Jordan Briones and you'll be stuck at 3-5 forever if all right so first things first if you don't have a good third shot drop you will be stuck at a 3-0 or 3-5 for a very very long time all right so yes third shot drops are very very difficult to.

Learn I'm going to give you just a couple tips here on how to work on it I suggest that you start up at the non-volley zone line start off with thanks here okay so I'm gonna hit a dink and then I'm going to move back and when I'm doing this method here after every shot getting further from the net this is how I can work on my touch because a.

Third shot drop and a dink is very very similar as you start from the non-volley zone and then you work your way back to the Baseline you will develop that touch remember the biggest thing that we're trying to accomplish here is getting that ball down and getting that contact low for our opponent so let's say I from right here.

Okay and I want to be lifting and sometimes your third shots will be a little bit high but that's okay we got to work through that I don't hit perfect third shots all the time right that's why I practice them a little bit windy today but again my main goal is to keep that ball down that's how you practice it all.

Right number two you will be stuck at a three five forever if you don't have a good third shot drive now everyone talks about the drop but you definitely need a drive so that you can be offensive on certain balls and also you will need a drive when your opponent is back right you want to keep them back so really quickly for the drive I'm going to go.

Over a couple key tips here we want to have a compact swing and I want to be in more of a close position here so not open towards the net my chest facing than that I want to be closed here has a right-hander and just put your paddle back here kind of towards you know your right knee or right hip if you're righty and then I want to swing from low to.

High and kind of just like a golf swing I want to end to my left shoulder so from here to here and this is something that you can practice but I'm just going to take a couple here go ahead and to feed me okay here we go now here you go feed me another one.

And then one last one okay all right so really really important the drive takes a lot of repetitions a lot of practice but again it's a low to high swing turn that shoulder get in a closed stance start with your paddle here and swing up hello to high all right so let's quickly hop to number three you will be stuck at.

Three five forever if you do not have a good reset shot we talk about the reset shot or reset volley a lot in our videos because it's a very very important shot what I would start with is I would just start here and then I would have a partner kind of just feed you here here we go okay now notice here the big key elements here is not swinging my paddle.

And a good solid paddle face okay here we go okay good now feed me one more okay notice my contact is out in front and I'm not taking a big swing okay all I'm doing is blocking go ahead okay okay now from this position you can drop back in progressions and work a little bit further back so go ahead feed me there okay now feed me here.

Okay that was a tough one and then again good position here okay all right so this is a way that you can work on your reset shot remember key elements is nice and stable paddle open paddle face light grip pressure and not a big swing all right most of our resets we're just going to be holding here so start up at the non-voice online gradually work your.

Way back and that's how you can train a good reset shot hi if you're enjoying this content go ahead and give this video a like and don't forget to subscribe also if you're interested in exclusive Encore training with me go ahead and go to brionistpickleball.com forward slash coaching now let's get right back to the video alright so.

Number four you will be stuck at three five forever if you don't have a good serve technique so if you are serving something like this all right um that's okay and you can get the ball in consistently maybe but we want to make sure you develop a good swing a good nice swing on your serve okay so again.

Just like the drive what I would suggest is you start your paddle right here look I'm in a closed stance I'm serving cross-court here and I'm going to swing from here swing low to high from here okay my shoulders pointing towards the net right now and then when I swing I'm opening up turning my hips and my core and my shoulders and my.

Chest is going to be facing my target at the end of my swing so it's going to look like this a drop serve here okay or out of the air so notice is the same motion okay but again you need a good serve technique if you want to become a better player and move up all right so number five you will be stuck at a three five forever if.

You don't have a good a dink game remember dinking is an East Central part of pickleball maybe 3035 you might not see a lot of dinks but as you hit that floral level you're going to need to have a good dink game or else that will get exposed okay so you can practice your dinks just up here remember key focal points what I'm trying to do is.

Get in good position for everything I hit and trying to keep that low contact on the other side okay whether I'm thinking with one hand or two I'm getting back into the ready position and all I'm trying to do is keep that contact low all right you got to be able to drink for long extended periods of time if you want to become a really.

Really good player so again you can go out there didn't cross court think straight on but you're definitely going to need that all right so now let's move on to number six you're going to be stuck at three five forever if you don't split step in transition what do I mean by this as a serving team you're going to be serving waiting for that return.

And after you hit your third shot you're going to be wanting to come up to the non-volley Zone if you're just walking through or if you're running through you're going to get caught all the time so what I mean by split step is to come up get ready for the ball be nice and balanced on the balls of my feet ready to go so I could defend any time you're.

Making your way through transition when that ball is coming to you you've got to make sure you're stopped ready to go in a nice open stance like this okay so here we go let's say the return's coming okay hit my third stop okay so right here we go okay one last time.

Here okay let's say I even hit a drive on the first one okay so let's say the return comes back here here we go let's say return comp I drive it okay split okay splits up okay okay now this is very very vital very.

Essential for being a really really good player don't get caught in transition work on your split step all right so now let's hop into number seven and that is you have to have good low and high ball recognition in this game the biggest thing we're judging is contact Point okay like how high or how low our opponents are hitting so every time.

We're working our way up to the net or any time in the rally if our opponent is getting a high ball and we recognize that we have to be ready for what to the to defend and be on the defense and get low if they have a low contact point we want to be more aggressive and move in so you want to get that good recognition early so one way that you can practice.

It there's a lot of different ways but here I'm here in transition I'm going to be hitting balls trying to drop balls in the non-volley zone if it's high maybe I take a step back okay here and then if it's low I'm gonna try to come up so you feed here okay here we go okay oh a little high.

A little high again good okay now even though I missed that shot I'm still recognizing a high ball versus a low contact ball again here we go okay guys that was actually pretty good I'm gonna come in on that one that's a little high okay there we go a couple more times here so let's see it again okay here we go.

All right oh that one's a little high gonna stay back in the fan okay stay back here okay that one's good so now I can start to come in that one's a good one too and again okay so the low and high ball recognition is very very key if it's high defensive minded okay get low drop your paddle and if you have time maybe.

Drop back one step if it's good if you know you could have a potentially lower contact have them down here or that ball is bouncing in a non-volley Zone that's when you can be more aggressive and then come in remember that is the main thing we're assessing contact Point high or low and again if it's high be cautious stay back or.

Retreat if it's a good ball then we come in this takes a lot of time to practice and that's how you practice it all right so now let's hop into number eight and that is have good solid volleys at the net okay or anywhere you are right the volley technique is very very important because when players are hitting the ball very fast we need to.

Have a good solid volley technique so really quickly this is a good ready position slightly towards my backhand and for the volley all I'm doing is pushing a little bit forward from here to here okay not a huge swing I'm not pushing down I'm actually pushing forward so let's take a couple volleys here here we go.

Okay nice and controlled you got to be able to control the ball hit good balls out in front and notice I'm pushing forward right I'm not pushing down if I'm pushing down that's when we make errors and again I'm letting the ball come in so right around here I'm not reaching and way out in front Okay we want to let that ball come.

In you need nice solid volleys and one way that you can do it is just practice against a wall or you can practice with a partner just like this all right so now let's jump into number nine and that is you must have a good overhead motion now in lower level of play a lot of times people are lobbing overheads the biggest thing please do not do this we.

Don't want to come back on our heels backing up like that okay what we want to do the very first move is we want to get in a close dance so you can drop that right foot back if you're a right-hander drop that dominant foot back and then put your left hand up and then your paddle up this is a good position you'll see a lot of good.

Players this is where they get to and then I can Shuffle like this okay so if a lob goes over your head do not start to do this make sure you drop that dominant leg and then here let's dig a little bit and then you kind of throw up a lob okay and then I'll smash it across score okay here we go all right okay go ahead.

Okay okay one more time here we go again all right all right try again okay obviously those are really easy balls right but again the major thing here the most important thing is that we drop this dominant foot back again I see it every time I go out players start.

Running back he could fall bump your head concussions not a good thing the biggest thing you want to do most important thing is you get that dominant foot back so you could be in here now if it goes over your head you can turn and run it down all right so for safety reasons and for good efficient technique you want to get in this position and.

Then swing down like that all right so number 10 you will be stuck at a three five level forever if you do not have a game plan so when you are going out there from the initial serve right you don't just serve the ball where am I going to serve the bowl what's their weaker size how hard am I going to hit it if I'm returning what person do I.

Want to return it to you know what kind of return do I want to hit and then when I get up at the non-volley Zone what are my dink patterns where are they at attacking me from and also you know where is there a weaker size or their weak spots at remember as you are playing an evolving you know as a player you want to be able to make good.

Decisions and fast decisions out on the court so remember to have a game plan so that you can dominate the court thanks so much for watching hopefully these 10 tips helped you out we'll see you in the next video for exclusive pickleball content from me check out briannaspickleball.com for awesome pickleball paddles like this one make.

Sure to check the link in the description below thanks again for watching and we'll see you in the next video life within the moment moment and don't go wait until the morning you never know when it is
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