Yeah yeah all right i think you're watching pickleball pirate broadcast just keep valentine and playing the project 03. that's ann drew bayless he's playing the juvents he's playing the groove in h lewis over here next to me louis costa.

He's playing and so is mark johnson two zero two here we go zero flight stay nice and controlled be patient all right let's start we're more lazy on maya there you go may make you switch back to the carbon mid game here.

Zero four oh boy one four two you got dirt on your shoes no okay all right come on feet come on wow valentine.

Everything i wanted um gift thank you i'll take it all right come on one more go middle middle one more not wide one four one two all right i'll quit nah no worries no worries gotta get back into it.

One out of every ten of these gets actually posted because our warm-up games usually are warm-up games stay relaxed tony's voice in my head two four stay relaxed you're there i should have got that i could have got it.

A little closer than i wanted to cut it but yeah thank you hey we got we got something to prove after enough last time after monday for both of them dude my name is horrible oh get down.

Crap change my mind now i just come across hard i got to hit a better shot than that that does nothing for us six one two six two seven two two ah shoot.

Let's go i got a plant if i plant i'll make it let's go two seven moving backwards yeah two seven they warp really fast oh so much spin yeah you're right it's not even around.

Anymore okay three there we go hey if i'm driving you're diving you know get in there three that's the one that you choose to hit right.

I was expecting you to float yeah right yeah i thought so seven two one we should be three right you we uh we got three you have three yeah okay all right.

Score was wrong three eight three one well that's just like every point for you keith i know so hey we redo it for mark all the time you got a great shot nine three one just just just barely.

Yeah i was that's like an inch two inches right there we'll get a regular one yeah it's already warped yeah these neon ones do not stay round it's wonky very long not in this heat for sure maybe this is a winter a winter ball maybe it's a winter but.

Well i got six of each okay let me call this score no you weren't even looking at me were you yeah i was i was ready all right four eight nine four nine dude get rid of that freaking jeweler dude not the ball you're missing the ball.

It's not even hitting the center of your paddle i can't blame the ball for that oh yeah good hands 941 right there good ball key all right here we go here we go.

Let's go come on four nine four nine let's try let's make this a comeback watch it bounce just watch it bounce that's typically how that goes all the way to the ground there nice.

Four nine that out yeah i'll take it you're welcome thank you check's in the mail six nine checks in the mail here we go six nine.

What is that that was a not a good decision not a good decision good good first drive uh nine six one good hands ah it's all good it's gonna happen the first time back.

Just legs aren't quite there it's all right fast then i was just mad i didn't put away i know but it was coming down i was just wasn't sure so i was like i'm just putting this away all right let's go four ten four nine four nine still six nine six nine.

Good hands keith yeah bro here we go there we go seven baby there we go seven nine thank you good finish good hands guys that one was in louie.

It had a lot of top spin nine seven one tripped a little there yeah adjustments always one nine one more good shot.

7 10 7 10 let's go all right nice serve yeah you i didn't miss that foreign oh thank you hey dude you're ready to ride in my.

Right shoulder don't give him that much room keep him in the middle come on let's go i can't not let it go god this here we go one more it's just wonky bounces all the time ten nine two good shot we go let's go all right.

Oh good nine ten one that was short that was no no it didn't go into that just didn't hit the court it didn't go under the net did it did it hit before the court yeah okay because it didn't go under the net.

But it didn't make the court yeah it was short it didn't go under the net but it was it was wide just wide tens thanks gotta watch for that with him you that's so bad let's go finish it.

Finish it comeback let's go let's not give him the serve oh that would have been such a way to finish oh come on oh that would have been such a good finish.

Just block get it eventually i'll try and pick you up partner you good luck all right one more good look one more 12 eleven two just hit here we go 11 12. that's okay we'll get a ball out of your bag after.

You can grab a new regular dura what's the 11 12. yes good good cover louie good cover baby good drive 12s pathetic god that's so bad at the nose.

13 12 1. and a sideways bounce that's the way it ends every server turn i missed was just a wonky bounce which i'm not i'm not the only one yeah that ball i'll never buy those neon ones again.

Mark they're horrible at orlando exports i had to stop drop serving because there's a crack that
Watch advanced level, 4.5+ pickleball men’s double recreational close game. Andrew Bayliss (stripe shirt, GRUVN RAW-16H) and Mark Johnston (green shirt, JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16mm) vs Keith Valentine (black shirt, Selkirk Epic Project 003) and Luy Moco (white shirt, JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16mm).
Pickleball game at Veteran’s Memorial Park, Winter Garden, Florida.

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