We got zero zero two with me commented hell of a point to start the game off so all these ladies play tournaments i'll give you names i'll keep score zero zero one what a point zero zero two nice drive should be dropped dropped it.

For sure reset that's a great job drinking water good speed up you speed it up down the middle it's probably coming harder down the middle someone wise once told me that zero zero one.

I get your names that is a good block with the backhand great shot we got one two one what a point two zero one so if you're watching this game both both teams are playing the middle pretty hard.

Wow linda gave me a chair this is a special day in my life i believe this is a quick chair that i'm sitting safe nice loud good luck coverage what a point that was great lot of.

Coverage is that one of my videos zero two two great game nice speed up off speed down the middle not too hard and then she goes out wide great shot yeah beautiful shot dad dabs in purple one two two great point.

Deb what's your partner's name jamie okay cool cool jamie serving beautiful serve nice deep by jamie oh they needed a reset beautiful way to be aggressive two two one this is good patience good patience dab.

Thank you commentators i wouldn't have had that patience two two one oh they hit an angle out wide think middle shallow middle three two one i don't think that was a bad shot.

Selection good try that was beautiful you don't have the best drop not a big deal to stay behind the baseline reset the next one dab did the right thing wow that is punishing devin james five two two big point momentum.

What uh that is gonna need a we need a photo of debra and 4k resolution for the thumbnail wow there we definitely need the thumbnail dab let's get it here we go let's change it here we go here we go nice way to keep them back great shot.

Big points right here i have a tag i like that 271 what i'd love that was awesome three seven one good chat team right here three seven two get a couple.

More points i think five seven would be awesome three seven two i think that card beautiful shot wow i was gonna say good eye good shot that was just stan can you watch it at home servant wow uncorded time out here we go let's.

Get him hard for him here we go been speeding up down the middle again down the middle again you had it though way to be ready great point let's get it right here wow what dab.

Dab like flying on the spotlight we got seven three two oh yeah i'll put the mic right here you're confusing me on who's gonna hit it it was mine so oh.

Oh yeah i thought oh
Watch intense advanced level 4.0 pickleball women’s double recreational game
Deb Hill (violet shirt, Selkirk Invikta) and Jami Viscomi (black top, Engage Encore MX) vs Monica Cantrall (white top, CRBN) and Angie Alvarez (black shirt, Engage Pursuit).
Pickleball game at Veteran’s Memorial Park, Winter Garden, Florida.

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