Hey guys bear here welcome back to pickleball kitchen today we're focusing on that one thing in pickleball that we all have trouble with all of us and it's something that if you get mixed up too often you're gonna start losing and Things Are Gonna Fall Apart we're talking about footwork you know what let's just get right into it let's.

Get started one thing that I recommend doing just to get started with here is to start with Cross Court forehand dinking it's a great way to practice your footwork in a very controlled manner so we're just going to do some some thinking back and forth and I want you to notice what I do with my feet every single time I get done striking.

The ball I'll hit the ball and then I'll come back to where I was okay this is a basically a footwork reset that's that's the key here so every time I hit the ball I'm going back to where I was and I'm getting reset into a proper position okay so just watch carefully okay it's.

Ready strike the ball come back strike the ball come back notice how in control I am of every single one of these shots this is a great little drill to do it's very very basic it's what's going to get you started now I want to give you a little bit of a story here that's going to help explain this next thing.

When I was like maybe six or seven years old my mom I would travel around with my mom a lot around Dallas you know because I had two older siblings and every now and then we would go to this mall called North Park here in Dallas and there was this candy store inside the mall and whenever I would go in there I remember it was like the whole the walls.

Were white and silver and there was just candy everywhere in these big plastic tubes it was the coolest thing ever and when I would go in I would go like that and just be amazed right and complete awe complete shock and awe right unfortunately this is the same reaction that people do when they hit the ball in pickleball they hit the ball.

And they stand there like this and watch it like that that is killing you okay let me show you what this looks like this is what this is what people do they'll hit the ball and they'll stand there like this because they're watching and they're curious what's gonna happen right it's like oh boy is that gonna go in they're sort of nervous sort of timid.

When you strike that ball you are no longer in control the ball is in their Court literally and figuratively please remember this the moment you strike the ball okay so hit the ball and I'm just not worried what's gonna happen hit the ball not worried about it and I'm going to focus on that footwork.

And focus on that reset because believe it or not how good your shot is going to be is is partially dependent on how good your footwork is going to be okay that's how you can get started with this start with those basic footwork resets don't candy shop don't sit there and awe at your shot okay but if you want to go do a.

Little bit more advanced footwork this is what we can do to get started now we're going to do a little bit of split stepping so one thing that's very important when you're coming into the kitchen is to make sure that you're slowing down on your way okay so let me just kind of give you a general look of what this feels like here.

Foreign okay now that was super exaggerated but that's the point I want to really show you what this looks like every single time I make that little maneuver I'm slowing down I'm getting ready for the shot now this is really advanced stuff that this whole thing about coming into the kitchen I've done videos about that.

But what I'm doing is I'm paying attention to what Linda is doing and I'm judging the height of the ball and what kind of drives can come over on my side okay so again let me show you so hit the ball I'm just giving that little reset and effectively it's the same thing that we did with the dinking but it's a little.

Bit more aggressive I guess you could say because I'm moving a little bit quicker right so cool and this is just a really great way to get into a balanced State I want to show you a little quick drill that you can do here and this is a great drill that you can do regardless but it really helps with footwork the first thing.

You're going to do is just be stationary here your partner will be at the kitchen line and they're just going to feed you shots here but you're just going to stay here and really focus on resetting that footwork each and every single time this is great for practicing your transition zone Dinks and coming forward okay.

I'm hitting these a little high so I need to just be a little bit softer reset the footwork awesome now when you're ready begin to move horizontally to the left here and then keep hitting those dinks Cross Court but keep moving to the left and then getting back into position.

Okay and then when you're ready start moving over back to the right this is great for distance control because the distance here is shorter than over here so we have to not only practice footwork but practice our depth as well and that one was out but.

You get the point so do that horizontal back and forth and you can also do the classic forwards and backwards we've seen that a billion times but split stepping is not the only thing we actually need to prep for the shot uh you guys have heard it a billion times feet first swing later you gotta move your feet first and foremost that.

Is the key to all of this stuff okay so I want you to watch I'm gonna have Linda feed me a shot I want you to watch My Feet notice how I have my feet moving before I swung at that shot feet first swing later it will change your game completely sweet.

It's really quite simple you just have to convince yourself to do it you kind of have to force yourself a little bit cool notice how I'm not really taking any kind of frantic steps here I'm taking long controlled strides that are both confident but calm at the same time I'm not doing these little skittery kinds of things here I'm using large.

Strides okay just like that if you begin to do these things you begin to do the footwork resets you begin to do a little bit more split stepping focus more on your footwork on your feet on how balanced you are it will change the way that you strike the ball it's very common for when people.

Play singles singles pickleball or maybe even doubles pickleball their game kind of falls apart as the session goes on and oftentimes it's because we're just our legs are gone right and when your legs go your footwork goes as well okay so again get lined up and strike through the ball and be in.

That balanced State guys I hope this was helpful this is a great way to really practice your skills and pickleball when you have the right kind of footwork everything else begins to fall in line thanks so much for joining me I'll see you next time
If I had to rank all the pickleball mistakes, this would be the ultimate one. This is the one mistake that affects us all, no matter what skill level. Once you begin to learn these skills properly, you can then learn the rest while having this core principle in place! It’s considered the pillar of all pickleball skills and for very good reason!

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